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“All Hands on Deck” Video

Here at Lakeside, we already know why the Great Lakes are special. They provide us with healthy drinking water, adventurous recreational activities and beautiful horizons to look at. In fact, without Lake Erie, there would be no Lakeside.

That’s why we decided to take a stand and make a statement to those who are considering putting the Great Lakes in harm’s way.

On Monday, July 2, Lakeside Chautauqua proudly participated in “All Hands on Deck,” an international, organized event for communities bordering the Great Lakes to raise the awareness for their protection.

More than 1,500 people, and several boaters, gathered to hold hands along Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile. For this brief period of time, we stood in solidarity with 65 communities in six states as well as Canadian territories.

We know that we are blessed with a beautiful shoreline that we can enjoy today, but we need to continue protecting Lake Erie to prevent harmful algal blooms like ones we have seen in recent years.

Lakesiders have been enjoying these beautiful shoreline for more than 144 years. We need to ensure that Lake Erie, and the rest of the Great Lakes, remain healthy for many generations to come.

The Lake Erie shores and islands region draws more than 10 million visitors annually, meaning that Lake Erie is not only a means for health and fun, but it is also a vital economical resource for residents in the area. The eight Ohio counties bordering the Lake (Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky, Erie, Lorain, Cuyahoga, Lake and Ashtabula) – generate $14 billion annually in tourism spending.

“All Hands on Deck” was just one way that Lakeside is taking stride towards a healthier Lake Erie this summer. If you want to join Lakeside in furthering our efforts, here’s what you can do:

Thank you to everyone who is supporting Lakeside in our advocacy for Lake Erie. The hand-holding might be over, but the work us just beginning. We hope you’ll join us.

Check our our video of the event. Special thanks to Toledo Aerial Media for the drone footage.


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