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A Lifetime of Family Memories

Having grown up in a Methodist parsonage, Lakeside is the physical location that has remained constant throughout my nomadic life.

Oh, how I looked forward to Conference week! The minute our car pulled into whatever cottage we were renting, I would start begging to be allowed to “go to the dock,” which to me meant swimming, because that week was among the few chances I had to do that as a child.

In 1965, my parents, Bob and Peg Snyder, bought the cottage at 345 Central, the best investment they ever made. I’m not talking about the astonishing increase in property values, but rather the years and years of family memories and love that we all shared there.

Every Memorial Day and Labor Day, my brothers and sisters, spouses and children gathered there for food, fellowship, and of course to clean the cottage for the season and do whatever repairs needed doing. We loved it that we could let the kids tear around on bicycles and go play on their own with no fears for their safety, for after all, “It’s Lakeside.”

As those children grew up and married, many a honeymoon night was spent at Lakeside, as well! Lakeside has changed in so many ways over the years of my time there, years that are unbelievably approaching 60 now. But Lakeside will always be the place I call home. It’s the place my heart longs for,, especially on bright sunny days like today, the kind of day I always call a “Lakeside Day.” In my memory, Lakeside is never rainy, never too hot, and never too cold.

Lanette Snyder Cornwell
Toledo, OH

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