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Donald Bettinger, a Longtime Lakesider

Donald J. Bettinger, 86, of Twinsburg, Ohio, we to be with the Lord on Dec. 6, 2013.

He first came to Lakeside when he was 10 months old, except for two years when he was in graduate school in North Carolina. He spent all or part of every summer at Lakeside.

His grandparents bought the cottage at 153 Jasmine Ave. in 1941, and it is still in the family.

He met his future wife Coralen (Corky) in 1949 when she was working at Richard's House cafeteria as the cereal and dessert girl.

Three of his children worked at Lakeside in the summer - two daughters, Kathy and Nancy, at the Lakeside Newsstand drugstore and son, Walk, at Hotel Lakeside and later in Security.

Two grandchildren, Andy and Katie, worked at The Patio Restaurant.

Don's special joys at Lakeside were the family reunions on the Fourth of July, the Lakeside Symphony Orchestra, the Sunday Family Night in the Park concerts and sitting by the old bell along the lakefront.

Coralen Bettinger
Twinsburg, OH

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