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Lakeside Love and Summer Camp Romances

My family had been going to Lakeside a couple of times each summer for as long as I can remember. The story was always shared about how Mom and Dad met at Lakeside and fell in love.

When I was 16, my sister convinced me to attend Reach Out at Lakeside. She had attended the year before and made a lot of new friends that she wanted to introduce me to.

On the first day of camp, my sister introduced me to her friend, Kate. Kate and I spent the week at camp together, and soon started dating. We went to school dances together, and traveled to see each other on the weekends as often as possible. We dated through the end of High School, and sometime in our third year of college reunited.

Every summer of our relationship we head to Lakeside for shuffleboard and Patio Donuts, and every year we take our picture next to the "how tall are you now" sign. Neither of us have grown an inch since we met in 2000, but its a great collection of photographs.

Kate and I married in December of 2011, and laugh about the counselors who tried to keep us apart, discounting our relationship as a "summer camp romance."

We opened a small food vending business at a local beach and appropriately named it "Lakeside Snacks." We don't think anyone realizes there is real meaning in the name, but we know that it documents our relationship, and the love our family has discovered at Lakeside. We hope to keep the tradition alive with our future children, and look forward to passing the story of love and Lakeside along to the next generation.

Tim Szakacs
Mentor, OH

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