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Letter to Mom, Grandma and Pa

Dear Mom, Grandma and Pa,

We should defiantly go to Lakeside, Ohio this summer. Remember mini-golf that would be awesome. The park and the beach couldn't be better. That splash pad is amazing. You'll love it.

We can go to the mini-golf course. It's been on "Ohio's Most Beautiful Mile" for more than 50 years. There's 6 more challenges, 2 loop de loops, a skeet game, a vortex fetcher and a panko game. Where the ball is dropped through a series of pegs. There's also a replica of Perry's Monument like at BBQ there's a new land scalping 600 plants of 35 verities. 62 years of topsoil, 40 yards of peat moss, and boulders. It will be epic.

We can also go to the park its very fun you can stay home and relax. Cam can look after us we can even go to the Haunted School and the tire swing at the park wouldn't that be cool? The beach would be very, very fun. I know I don't go into Lake Erie but there is the Splash pad and Livie and I can get Grace and Cam can get his friends too, it will be very fun. Let's go to Lakeside, Ohio this summer. I miss Ohio. Let's start our journey today.

Your favorite daughter, Erica (4th Grade)

Erica Walsh
Tempe, AZ

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