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More Than A Bike Ride

I love the opportunity to come to Lakeside and unwind. As a busy professional, wife and mom of a young child, it's so great to have a place to relax and just breathe. It reminds me of my youth, when I had days upon days of uninterrupted freedom and choices were simple: using my imagination or being physically active in sports like swimming or bicycling. Ah...biking. I have so many fond memories of riding through my town, exploring new things while keeping tabs on the old. I loved the way the wind blew through my hair and the air cooled my skin on a hot day. I loved being able to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, but also the ease of stopping to talk to a neighbor.

And so this past Labor Day I found myself with a two-hour window of free time, when a generous family member offered a bike (and a helmet). I set off to see Lakeside and Marblehead and didn't need to go far to get back in the rhythm. Unlike walking, my usual form of exercise in Lakeside, I had a chance to cover more ground and take in the great splendor of flowers and unique homes. I had a bird's eye view of Lakeside, going fast enough to see its beauty and of course too fast to notice any imperfections. I was able to cover more territory, which meant more smiling Lakeside faces, more views of recreation, and more immersion in the bustle of our beloved village.

By contrast, when I traveled around the Marblehead Peninsula, biking had the exact opposite effect. I was so conditioned to traveling by car that I was surprised to see a new view of the area. I had a new appreciation for our light keepers when I saw the detail of the lighthouse and stone keeper's cottage up close. I also noticed small bodies of water that I had not seen before, giving rise to wildlife viewing in their habitats. I also saw the working farms and local businesses up close and had a new appreciation for the commerce that supports the county. I found myself thinking, "I've never seen (or truly appreciated) that before" more than I care to admit.

As I turned back into Lakeside I felt blessed for the adventure. I was so grateful for the exercise, for the new perspectives and of course, for my life. I realized that there are two sides to everything: slow, fast, relaxation and invigoration. Lakeside and Marblehead: how good it is to get away and still feel so at home.

Kathleen Hooker
Hudson, OH

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