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I have no history with Lakeside. The little girl and boy up the road for whom I babysat when they were little and I was a teenager, are middle-aged now and each own an historic cottage at Lakeside. I have had a hard life, unlike them, but I am not jaded or resentful of that. "The kids" have let me use their cottages from time to time as an inexpensive rest for me when badly needed over the years. I am an old lady now, but coming to Lakeside sporadically to rest and renew my strength has been priceless to me. Everyone here is so blessed, so happy, and I can tell that Lakeside has been a haven for them through their generations. I read some stories of children stating of the bliss and carefree times spent (and still being spent) during their summers here. We must all thank God for this gift, as many, many children and families right here in Ohio never know a day of peace or relaxation....ever. They would die of cultural and emotional shock to experience such a utopia! Let us thank God daily for our blessings, and maybe, some of you know of a single mom or some lost child that would have their lives changed in some way by having been invited as your guest to this glorious place known as Lakeside.

Kathy Garrett
Akron, OH

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