Lakeside Ohio

Parking is limited on the grounds of Lakeside Chautauqua and requires an Auto Pass during Memorial Day weekend (May 26-29, 2017) and the Chautauqua summer season (June 17-Sept. 4, 2017).

Tiered Parking Fee Structure

To help with congested parking and continue our high safety standards on the grounds, we offer a tiered parking fee structure.

A 2017 Daily Auto Pass is $11 per day to park inside the gates, $5.50 per day to park at the South Gate Parking Lot and $1.50 per day to park at the Danbury School Parking Lot (during select dates based on the school schedule). All parking is based on availability.

A 2017 Season Auto Pass is $165 (purchased by May 31) and $185 (purchased after June 1). Purchasing a Season Auto Pass grants access to park inside the gates.

Daily and Season Auto Passes can be purchased at the Welcome Center, Fifth Street Gate entrance or South Gate entrance.

Gate attendants will ask you to select a tiered parking fee option and provide an Auto Pass for your windshield. Please place the Auto Pass in the lower left corner of your windshield. The Safety Services Department will review Auto Passes in vehicle windshields as part of their daily routine.

To drop off, unload or load vehicles, a complimentary, short-term, 30-Minute Drop Off Pass may be obtained. Please return your vehicle to the designated parking lot after finished.

Lakeside Grounds Parking

Parking is limited on the Lakeside grounds.

Long-term Designated Parking 

  • Hotel Lakeside Parking Lot
  • Fountain Inn Parking Lot (Maple Avenue and Second Street)
  • Wesley Lodge
  • Train Station
  • Green space near Lakeside Schoolhouse
  • Water Plant Site (Plum Avenue and Sixth Street)
  • Green space near LifeTrail Wellness Park (Laurel Avenue and Sixth Street)

Limited parking is available for Hotel Lakeside and Fountain Inn guests. Therefore, it's recommended that you obtain a complimentary 30-Minute Drop Off Pass, unload belongings, then park at the South Gate Parking Lot ($5 per day) and use the complimentary golf cart shuttle service.

Short-Term Designated Parking

  • Bradley Temple Parking Lot (Cedar Avenue and Third Street - non-reserved spots only)
  • Hoover Auditorium Parking Lot (Central Avenue and Fourth Street - non-reserved spots only)
  • Outside Fifth Street Gate (free)

While most cottages have space for at least one vehicle, many do not have driveways or have only on-street parking available. Please respect all reserve parking spaces, do not park on private homeowners' lawns and/or landscaped yards.

No Parking Areas

Parking is not permitted on Second Street from the East Gate to the West Gate, except for designated handicapped and short-term parking between Walnut and Maple Avenues and assigned parking as posted. Drop-off parking and spaces behind the Lakeside Laundromat are for laundry customers only.

There is no on-street parking on Sycamore Avenue from Second to Fifth Streets and no parking within 20 feet of intersections. There is no parking on Third Street between Walnut and Central Avenues.

South Gate Parking Lot

Parking at the South Gate Parking Lot (off State Route 163) requires a $5.50 Auto Pass during the Memorial Day weekend and the Chautauqua summer season. Guests who park in this lot are invited to use the complimentary golf cart shuttle service to visit the downtown business district.  Review information about our complimentary golf cart shuttle service to and from the South Gate Parking Lot below.

Additional Parking

Three-Hour Parking
Three-hour (free) limited parking is available outside the Fifth Street Gate. 

Danbury High School Parking Lot
For a $1 fee, parking is also available at Danbury High School Parking Lot during specific days throughout Chautauqua summer season (based on the school schedule). Auto Passes for this lot may be purchased at the Lakeside Chautauqua Welcome Center. Lakeside does not provide transportation to and from the Danbury High School Parking Lot.

Complimentary Golf Cart Shuttle Service

Shuttle Route
Lakeside Chautauqua provides a free shuttle service to all guests. We have open-air golf cart shuttles and a handicap accessible bus to transport guests. Shuttles operate from 7 a.m.-11 p.m. every day of the summer until Labor Day.

The shuttles run a route from the Welcome Center (near the South Gate Parking Lot), to the Shuffleboard Courts (Second Street and Central Avenue Crosswalk), Hotel Lakeside (150 Maple Avenue entrance), Fountain Inn (Maple Avenue entrance), Hoover Auditorium (corner of Third Street and Walnut Avenue) and back to the Welcome Center. The shuttle service also stops at Chautauqua Park (at the corner of Poplar Avenue and Sixth Street), Fifth Street Gate and the Second Street East Gate upon request.

There is no need to call for a shuttle, simply go to one of the stops to catch a shuttle as it makes its rounds (every 15 minutes). All shuttles are marked with an orange flag. Please note that pets are not permitted on the shuttles.

The shuttles stops are marked with a sign and also noted on the Lakeside Campus Maps and map kiosks, located at the Welcome Center, Lakeside Chautauqua Administration Office, Central Park and on the corner of Second Street and Maple Avenue.

Lakeside Campus Maps are available at the Welcome Center, Lakeside Chautauqua Administration Office, Hotel Lakeside, Fountain Inn and various businesses across campus.  

Mack Mobile
The Mack Mobile provides door-to-door service for guests and residents who have limited-mobility issues. The Mack Mobile golf cart is available by phone - check the Lakesider newspaper for contact information.

Service Hours
Shuttles operate from 7 a.m.-11 p.m. during Memorial Day weekend, United Methodist Church Conferences (June 4-15, 2017) and the Chautauqua summer season (June 17-Sept. 4, 2017). Our free shuttle service will end at 5 p.m. on Labor Day.