Society of Old Salts (S.O.S.) was founded in 1991 by 26 family members. Today, the organization has approximately 300 members. The mission of S.O.S. is to provide the resources for a safe, enjoyable and comfortable sailing club with a commitment toward continuous improvement. Members contribute the finances and countless volunteer hours to fulfill its mission.


The S.O.S. leadership team is committed to executing the mission and continuing to look for ways to improve the Lakeside Sailing Center experience. S.O.S. is proud to serve its members and provide strategic direction for the Lakeside Sailing Center to ensure its foundation for generations to come. S.O.S. welcomes new members and thanks current members for their ongoing support of one of the most active small boat sailing centers in the country. Download the S.O.S. Membership Application and join today.

2018 Race Results

Lakeside Regatta

1st: Jack Brucken
2nd: Jack Prior
3rd: Will Apotsos

1st: Drew Brucken
2nd: Ben Brucken
3rd: Bob Sudomir

1st: John Dudrow
2nd: Brian Brucken
3rd: Greg Holzaepfel

1st: Brian & Jack Brucken
2nd: Drew & Ben Brucken
3rd: Jack & Tom Prior

Mouse Island Sailing Race

1st Place: John Dudrow
2nd Place: Tim Graham
3rd Place: Ian Klaus

Single-Handed Sunfish
1st Place: Nina Buoni
2nd Place: Caroline Popiel
3rd Place: Grace Kelmer

Double-Handed Sunfish
1st Place: Brian & Jack Brucken
2nd Place: Bob & Weston Sudomir
3rd Place: Tom & Jack Prior

August Cup Sailing Race

22 Feet & Under Category
1st: Catalina 22, Pier Pressure; Skipper, Jim MacMillan & crew; Time, 3:45
2nd: Cape Dory Typhoon; Skipper, Drake Williams & crew, Ian Klaus; DNF

22” Feet and Above
1st: Melges 24, Trophy Wife; Skipper, Brian Brucken & crew, Drew, Ben and Jack Brucken; Time, 1:59:16
2nd: Alberg 30, Halcyon; Skipper, Mike Shoffner & crew, Steve Schaefer, Jim Meyer and Tim Graham; Time, 2:23:33
3rd: Beneteau 35s, BB2; Skipper, Frank Baker & crew; Time, 2:24:00
4th: Catalina 32, Gratitude; Skipper, Ron Jacobs & crew, Bill Williams; Time, 2:47:23

Summer/Winter Boat Storage

For those planning to store their boat during the summer or winter seasons at the Lakeside Sailing Center, download and return the 2018-2019 Boat Storage Agreement with payment to: Lakeside Chautauqua, Attn: Watercraft, 236 Walnut Ave., Lakeside, Ohio 43440.

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Mike Haas
Society of Old Salts President
(724) 331-6528

Nancy Brucken
Society of Old Salts Secretary
(734) 255-3133