Have a question about Lakeside Chautauqua? Review our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. If you have a specific question or concern, contact us. We also invite you to review our Resources and updated Rules & Regulations for additional information.

Am I able to make exterior changes to my cottage this summer?

No. Exterior work to cottages is not permitted during the gated Chautauqua season (from late-June to Labor Day).

Am I allowed to fish from the dock?

Fishing off the dock is permitted with social distancing protocols being practiced. Please note that the dock will be closed during inclement weather, high water and occasionally while construction is taking place at the Pavilion. If this is the case, fishing can be done along the lakefront.

Are the United Methodist Church Conferences being held in June?

Both the West Ohio and East Ohio Conferences of The United Methodist Church announced the postponement of their Annual Conferences due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The West Ohio Annual Conference (WOC), originally scheduled to be held in Lakeside from June 7-11, will now be an abbreviated conference in September with location to be announced.

The East Ohio Annual Conference (EOC), originally scheduled to be held in Lakeside from June 14-18, will now be an abbreviated virtual conference in September.

The Youth Annual Conference (YAC) of East Ohio, originally scheduled June 12-14, will not meet at Lakeside Chautauqua this summer.

Thank you to all the staff from each conference and our own Lakeside Chautauqua staff who have worked tirelessly on the many effects COVID-19 has brought to our organizations. Please review important conference information and announcements here and the EOC's most recent announcement here.

Are there fees associated with visiting Lakeside?

A Chautauqua Pass entitles guests to participate in a wide range of programs, including Hoover Auditorium shows, worship services, educational lectures, cultural arts events and specific recreational activities. There are several Chautauqua Passes to choose from, depending on how long your family is visiting.

Chautauqua Passes and Auto Passes are required during Memorial Day weekend and the summer programming season. Kids age 12 & under and guests 90 & older are always free. For more information about Chautauqua Passes and Auto Passes, visit the Admission & Parking Fees page.

If my small wedding/event is under the max group number (whatever that may be at the given time), can I still hold my wedding/event at Lakeside?

This is all determined by the ‘Stay Safe Ohio’ order and restrictions on gatherings. While your guest list may only have a few people, it will require staff and other assistance from Lakeside. Gatherings with our Conference & Event Planning Office and will be managed on a case-by-case basis. We’re continuing to monitor and follow the requirements of the state government and health officials and will practice those restriction guidelines at Lakeside while they remain in place. Please contact the Conference & Event Planning Office at (419) 798-4461, ext. 279 to discuss your individual situation.

What are gate hours for this summer?

The Lakeside gates are in operation from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day (excluding Monday, Aug. 31 through Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020, which will be free admission and parking).

A Daily or Season Chautauqua Pass and Auto Pass are required to enter Lakeside during the gated season. As always, admission for children age 12 & under and guests over the age of 90 is free.

Due to the effects of COVID-19, we’ve reduced the number of our gate attendants this summer and have closed some of our gate entrances early. For details and gate hours, visit our 2020 Important Gate Information page.

What are the admission and parking fees this summer?

This summer, Lakeside will be offering simplified and reduced pricing for Season and Daily Chautauqua Passes, as well as parking. View 2020 Admission & Parking Fees.

What does "Chautauqua" mean?

The word "Chautauqua" originates from the indigenous group of people, the Iroquois. The direct meaning is said to be either "two moccasins tied together" or "bag tied at the middle."

“Chautauqua” represents a community that welcomes all people to gather and participate in lifelong learning opportunities through four pillars: religion, education, cultural arts and recreation.

Established in 1873, Lakeside is among the first Chautauqua communities founded in North America. Today, it thrives as one of the few remaining Chautauqua communities in North America. Visit The Chautauqua Movement page for more information or www.chautauquatrail.com to learn about other Chautauqua communities.

What does Lakeside have planned for this summer?

To view our most up-to-date schedule of events, visit lakesideohio.com/calendar. As programs and events are finalized, we will be updating the calendar. You may have to ‘refresh’ to view changes, as we are making updates every day. Also, download the Lakeside app for events.

What events have been cancelled or postponed so far this summer?

Our board and staff are doing everything in our power to assess and monitor the COVID-19 situation and make clear decisions moving forward about our events and activities. In accordance with the orders and regulations implemented by Gov. Mike DeWine and with the guidance of our health system, Lakeside has cancelled or postponed the following events:

  • All recreational areas closed
  • Wellness Center closed
  • Orchestra Hall closed
  • Hoover Auditorium closed
  • Bradley Temple closed
  • The Underground/Teen Center closed
  • May 29-31: Mystery & Adventure Weekend, postponed to the fall
  • June 7-11: West Ohio UMC Conference
  • June 12-14: Youth Annual Conference
  • June 14-18: East Ohio UMC Conference, postponed to Sept. 25-27, 2020
  • June 22-26: Chautauqua Vocal Workshop, postponed to 2021
  • June 26-28: Chautauqua Choral Festival, postponed to 2021
  • July 12-14: Band Directors’ Workshop, postponed to 2021

To view Lakeside's updated schedule of events as it is finalized, visit lakesideohio.com/calendar.

What recreation venues are open?

Miniature golf, shuffleboard, tennis and pickleball are currently open, weather permitting.

The protocols for opening swimming pools (including the Splash Park and baby pool) and fitness centers are more complicated, and we are reviewing how these protocols might be implemented at our facilities. We will update the community when and if we decide that these venues will open.

Playgrounds, basketball and sand volleyball courts and gaga ball remain closed, even if you have your own equipment. We will be reviewing the state and county health guidelines to determine when these will be able to open this summer and will continue to update the community when decisions are made.

The Lakeside Sailing Center is not considered a recreation venue but is considered boating/boating services. Therefore, the sailing center and Waterfront Information Center will be open and renting kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. Please note that sailboats are only available to rent to Society of Old Salt (S.O.S.) members. New safe operating procedures for all venues are being implemented this summer. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these new protocols.

In addition to recreation, other venues that are currently closed due to State of Ohio gathering restrictions include Hoover Auditorium, Orchestra Hall, Rhein Center, Heritage Hall Museum/Archives, Bradley Temple and The Underground/Teen Center. Outdoor teen programming will begin in late-June. Orchestra Hall will serve as our studio for Community Worship Services, lectures and presentations offered virtually as we ease into the summer.

What restaurant, shops and services are open in Lakeside?

Most restaurants, shops and services in Lakeside are open. To view hours of operation and safety protocols for those establishments, visit our Business District page. You can also view Lake Erie Shore & Islands list of local restaurants. However, please call ahead to find out information on hours of operation, carryout and delivery options.

What safety guidelines does Lakeside have in place for guests?

The Governor’s re-opening plans allow for certain activities and venues to be opened at Lakeside. The health and well-being of our Lakeside community is always our top priority. We are taking responsible and necessary precautions to minimize the spread of the virus. We are also ensuring compliance with government orders regarding programming venues and recreational facilities, which may impact your access to certain activities and amenities.

However, everyone needs to be aware of their own safety and whether they are high-risk related to COVID-19. We are Lakeside and we care about each other. We are counting on you to do your part to keep everyone in Lakeside safe.

With safety as our top priority, we have enhanced our high standards of cleanliness throughout our community.

Here is what Lakeside is doing to increase hygiene and infection prevention during COVID-19:

  • Conducting daily employee health checks/taking temperatures prior to each shift
  • Employees will be wearing masks at venues and public spaces
  • Emphasizing employees to have good hygiene, wash hands frequently and clean work spaces before, during and after shifts
  • Lakeside programming will be moved outdoors whenever possible to reduce the likelihood of transmission and to practice safe social distancing
  • Plexiglass barriers will separate employees and guests in areas of interaction whenever possible
  • Hand sanitizer available in public restrooms and in other select locations throughout Lakeside
  • Cleaning of shared equipment at shuffleboard, miniature golf, tennis, pickleball and sailing
  • Extra cleaning of high-traffic indoor areas: hotel lobbies, Hotel Lakeside porch and Administration Office
  • Additional cleaning of children’s areas like playgrounds when they are allowed to be open

Here is what Lakeside is not able to do to minimize COVID-19 risks:

  • We are not cleaning large public areas like the dock, beach, Pavilion decks and streets
  • We are not cleaning the numerous benches and picnic tables that are placed throughout Lakeside
  • There is no way that Safety Services and other Lakeside employees can constantly enforce COVID-19 recommendations, such as social distancing and wearing of masks. The State of Ohio and Ottawa County are not able to police it, and neither is our security team and Lakeside staff. It will take everyone in Lakeside doing their part and abiding by the rules this summer

Here is what we expect from you and your guests during your visit to Lakeside:

  • Protect you and your family as needed through the use of personal protective equipment, such as masks, social distancing and abiding by the recommendations and executive orders set forth by Government entities
  • To protect yourself and others, Lakeside recommends that guests wear masks in public spaces. There may be independently owned businesses (shops, restaurants, services, rentals, bed & breakfasts, etc.) in Lakeside that require customers to wear masks
  • Adhere to safe social distancing practices. Respect 6 feet of physical distance between you and others at all times
  • Bring and use hand sanitizer and wash hands frequently with soap and water
  • Bring and use sanitizing spray or wipes to sanitize benches and other seating
  • Bring and use sanitizing spray or wipes to wipe down picnic tables before and after eating
  • Obey "safe play” procedures outlined at each of the recreation venues
  • When in line at businesses, events and public restrooms, please follow the procedures for entering and exiting and proper social distancing
  • If you feel you have any symptoms at all, do not leave your cottage until all symptoms are cleared, or return home to quarantine
  • Immediately notify the Ottawa County Health Department at (419) 734-6800 and Lakeside at (419) 798-4461 if you have tested positive for COVID-19 during or after your visit to Lakeside

We will be communicating this information about “How we will act” with a handout at the gates that will be given to everyone entering Lakeside.

Again, we are Lakeside and we care about each other. We are counting on you to do your part to keep everyone in Lakeside safe.

Starting Friday, May 22, we will be selling Lakeside-branded masks for $11 at the Administration Office, located at 236 Walnut Ave.

What’s Lakeside doing to help fight the spread of COVID-19?

Lakeside is closely monitoring COVID-19 and following Gov. Mike DeWine’s ‘Stay at Home’ mandate for all businesses in Ohio. During this time, we encourage all Lakesiders to protect themselves and others by staying informed on the governor’s orders and practicing safe social distancing/gathering restriction protocols. For the most up-to-date news, FAQs and decisions at Lakeside, visit lakesideohio.com/news, join our e-newsletter or follow Lakeside Chautauqua's official Facebook page.

Where can I access Wi-Fi at Lakeside?

Free Wi-Fi is available from the Hoover Auditorium porch and Pavilion East and West Decks. Username is lakeside; password is season2020. Coffee & Cream, the Lakeside Laundromat, Bluebird Café and the Lakeside Women’s Club provide Wi-Fi for patrons. Hotel Lakeside and Fountain Inn for overnight guests only. Wesley Lodge, South Auditorium, Wo-Ho-Mis, Campground and the Lakeside Dorm have Wi-Fi for those who rent or live in the facilities.

Where can I buy gift cards?

Lakeside offers Gift Cards as a way to pay for Daily, Weekly or Partial Day Chautauqua Passes, and even Season Passes! Gift Cards are available to purchase in values of any amount. To purchase gift cards, contact (419) 798-4461, ext. 349 or accounting@lakesideohio.com.

Adult Season Chautauqua Passholders can purchase discounted gift cards up to $600 in value at the discounted rate of 15% off. Gift cards are available in multiples of $200 in value for a price of $170 each. To purchase discounted gift cards, visit the Hoover Ticket Office, located at 115 W. Third St. Check the app for hours of operation.

Why is Lakeside charging admission and parking during “Conference weeks?”

In the past, the weeks of Conferences operated without gates fees because the West and East Ohio Conferences of the United Methodist Church paid significant fees to Lakeside. These facility fees paid by the conferences allowed them to use all of Lakeside’s meeting spaces, but it also included operation of all of the functions of Lakeside (security, shuffleboard, lifeguards, etc.) for the safety and enjoyment of the conference attendees and their families and guests. The conferences are not here this June and therefore are not paying any fees for the operation of Lakeside. The gate fees are necessary during those weeks to cover operating costs of Lakeside.