The hallmark of the education experience is the Chautauqua Lecture Series. Experts present topics ranging from history, science, and politics to cultural arts, business, and current world affairs. Themes for the 2021 Chautauqua Lecture Series will be posted in early May. These summer lectures will be held at various times throughout the season at the Steele Memorial Bandstand and Train Station Patio.

For questions or more information, contact John Mann, Director of Education at Education Department or call (419) 798-4461, ext. 278.

Education Listen and Learning Sessions

Lakeside is proud to introduce our new Director of Education, John Mann. John begins his new position this May and is excited to develop, enhance, and expand the Education pillar for future summers and throughout the year. Please join us for several listen and learning sessions as John shares information about new pillar programming initiatives this summer and listens to your ideas and interests for future educational programs at Lakeside Chautauqua.

Education Listen & Learning Sessions:

Friday, June 4, 1:00PM - Train Station Patio

Monday, June 7, 10:30AM - Train Station Patio

2021 Educational Themes

Taste of Lakeside

June 14-June 20

Lakeside’s Education and Culinary Departments invite you to come and experience our first Taste of Lakeside! This new event is a weeklong showcase learning about our Lakeside restaurants, regional culinary heritage, and specialties of the Lake Erie shores. Sample local cuisine and flavors from our Lakeside restaurant scene, learn about our area’s food culture, and experience some of the best flavors Lakeside has to offer.

Music and the Soul

June 28-July 1

The Education Pillar invites you to explore music and how it affects our bodies, minds, and spirits, serving as the great storyteller of our history and our future. Lakeside is honored to bring renowned expert and music therapist, Dr. Deforia Lane, to share the effects music has on our bodies and our minds. Then experience the musical offerings of Reggie Harris during our new Wednesday night Hoover Porch series and a look into his own story and history using music as a vehicle of storytelling and as a pathway of joy, hope, and freedom.

Behind the Stories

July 5-9, 2021

From journalism to novel, Lakeside celebrates writers and storytellers for their passion and talents inspiring others through their gift of words. Join us for spirited presentations and lectures with accomplished journalists and authors as we take a special look behind the stories, careers, and lives of these noted writers: sportswriter Terry Pluto, AP reporter and mystery writer Andrew Welsh Huggins, author and entrepreneur Jessica Bettencourt, and inspirational storyteller Jin Stearns.

Tales of the Great Lakes

July 12-18, 2021

Join us for a week celebrating Lake Erie and the Great Lakes. From the unique history of our region on Sandusky Bay and the Islands, to the great joys and activities of boating, sailing, and finding creative inspiration along the shores, Lakeside Chautauqua presents a series of presentations and activities exploring these great waterways. This week culminates with the annual Plein Air Art Festival and Lakeside Wooden Boat Show.

Family, Faith & Football

July 19-21, 2021

Lakeside is honored to bring NFL Hall of Famer and former 49ers Coach Mike Singletary as a featured guest for a special series focusing on family, faith, and football. Join us for presentations and discussions on how America’s most popular sport has developed the careers and lives for Singletary along with Ohio Hall of Fame Coach Tony Legando and Cleveland Brown’s reporter Mary Kay Cabot.

Olympics, Faith & More

July 26-28

Where and how did the Olympics come to be? This series explores the history for the Olympics and examines how they integrate with three of the four Chautauqua Pillars: Education, Recreation/Wellness, and Religious Life. Sessions with Rev. Dr. Greg Linville on “Muscular Christianity” provide foundation for engaging in civil conversations about controversial topics regarding athletics, sports, bioethics, and religion. Group discussions will encourage the integration of faith and sport, create better understanding and appreciation of different perspectives, initiate, and deepen relationships, and help to make sense of current sporting issues. Week includes fun activities and programs on Olympic history and traditions.

Flying to the Past

July 29-31

Explore aviation by going back to the past with historian Todd Hackbarth and members from the Liberty Aviation Museum located at the Erie-Ottawa International Airport near Port Clinton. These programs are perfect for the whole family to experience the development of flight as a means of transportation and innovation, as well as this region's unique history with air flight.

Inside Creativity

August 2-6

Discover how the show is made, the documentary is captured, the painting is restored, and the living arts continue to shape our lives. Join us as we take a special look “inside creativity” through a series of lectures and discussions with filmmakers, artists, theatre directors, and more on how they prepare and preserve the arts.

Civil Conversations & Reconciliation

August 9-13, 2021

Join us for a week of presentations and dialogue focusing on engaging civil conversations about racial reconciliation, human engagement, and other societal issues. Further thoughts on inclusion and diversity, social responsibilities, human behaviors, and how to have difficult conversations will be offered through lecture and group discussions.

Engaging in our Environment

August 16-19

Join us as we look at the ecology of Lake Erie, protecting wildlife, and more. Presentations from members of NASA, Lake Erie Foundation, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and more give us insights into what is happening in our local environment and ever-changing world.