Were you born between 1975-1990? Did your family visit Lakeside when you were a child? Whether visiting for a few days, a week or the entire season, those Lakeside days were the best kind of summer - you met your best friends, played games in Central Park, went to the movies, rode your bike, swam in the lake and sunbathed on the dock. Now, you continue to come back to Lakeside with your own family because it feels like home.

Join the '75-'90 Lakeside Challenge

As a special initiative this summer, Lakesiders born between 1975-1990 are invited to join the ’75-’90 Lakeside Challenge.

By participating in the challenge, you are able to reconnect with others who visited during those summer days at the lake.

To accept the '75-'90 Lakeside Challenge, sign up to receive emails from Lakeside. Then, use the hashtag #7590LakesideChallenge on social media to share your favorite photos and stories of when you were a kid at Lakeside, or volunteer to write a blog post about your favorite memories at Lakeside between 1975-1990.

After joining the challenge, participants will have the opportunity to win favorite Lakeside treats, such as donuts and coffee.

For more information about the '75-'90 Lakeside Challenge, contact advancement@lakesideohio.com or (419) 798-4461, ext. 246.

Support the '75-'90 Lakeside Challenge

Your generous support to the Lakeside Fund annual giving campaign helps to preserve and share that fabulous Lakeside feeling.

To donate, visit www.lakesideohio.com/giving.