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Posted on October 24, 2009

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of some special community members who have recently passed.  Friends we've lost include:

Jean Pritchard, October 17, 2009*
Janice Heckenhauer, September 14, 2009
Betty Jones, August 16, 2009
Esther Alice Ramsey, July 21, 2009
Philip T. Doak, July 12, 2009
Mary LaRue, June 5, 2009
D. Jean Madison Rudolph Krahling, May 30, 2009*
Bob Callahan, May 19, 2009
Everett Buckner, May 29, 2009
Lewis Emory Unnewehr, May 19, 2009
Kenneth "Bud" Harris, May 17, 2009*
Norma J. Taylor, May 15, 2009
Kathryn "Katie" Nickle, May 7, 2009
Caroline Ohl, May 6, 2009
Joyce E. Wehner, May 6, 2009*
George R. Krynock, May 5, 2009
H. Burton Kester, April 19, 2009
Jennifer Lynn Almendinger, April 16, 2009
Margaret Swartz, April 11, 2009
Virginia Veness, April 9, 2009
Margaret B. King, March 25, 2009
Isobel Baumgardner, March 12, 2009
Mel Wetherill, March 1, 2009
Harriet Krynock, February 25, 2009
Lydia Miyashita, February 24, 2009
Edith Rothenbuhler, February 23, 2009*
Sally Sue Witten, February 3, 2009
Mary K. Wiechel, January 20, 2009
Jack Taylor, January 9, 2009
Barbara Lane, January 1, 2009*
William "Bill" B. Hoyer, December 26, 2008
Rev. Donald Morgan, December 14, 2008
Robert McNamee, December 3, 2008
Betty Jackson, December 2, 2008
Clarence "Mac" McChesney, November 18, 2008
Katie Bichsel, November 7, 2008*
Jane Krynock, November 1, 2008
Paul J. Butchko, October 21, 2008
Ruth Sylvester, October 1, 2008
Carol Summey, August 28, 2008

It takes a village. 

We treasure the memory of these Lakesiders and extend our sincere condolences to those who will remember them as a special part of their Lakeside experience.  If you know of another Lakesider who has recently passed, please let us know so that we may keep our community up to date with this important information. 

* Memorial funds have been established with the Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation in tribute for these individuals.  Please contact for more information.

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