A.L. Hoover's Grandchildren Visit Lakeside

Posted on August 18, 2010

Carol Draeger, Bobbi Morris and Arthur Waters, grandchildren of A.L. Hoover recently visited Lakeside and the Hoover auditorium. Hoover was general manager of Lakeside from 1926-1946. He provided great financial assistance to build Hoover Auditorium. The vision that Draeger, Morris and Waters' grandfather had for Lakeside and the auditorium lives on today.

As the grandchildren stood on the steps of the auditorium and entered the doors, they experienced their grandfather's legacy and the impact he left on Lakeside. "My first visit to Lakeside was super. The many families added a great atmosphere, plus just the cleanliness of the grounds. The facilities are in good condition and the Lakeside staff should be proud of the work," explains Waters.

Waters shared, "I never had a chance to meet my grandfather. My mother always spoke very well of him and my impression was that he believed in hard work, family, faith and always doing the right thing."

Hoover had a strong passion for Lakeside and had a great vision for Lakeside's future. "I know his feelings for Lakeside ran very deep, as my mother talked about her childhood at Lakeside," Waters continued.

This historically significant structure provides the foundation of the cultural arts pillar of the Chautauqua Movement. It is occupied throughout the season hosting an array of acts such as Mike Albert, The Ohio State Alumni Band and the Lakeside Symphony Orchestra.

Vice President of Programming Shirley Stary explained, "Putting together the Hoover Auditorium schedule each year is a challenging 'jigsaw puzzle' but a true joy and privilege."

Hoover Auditorium hosts 61 cultural arts programs, 15 Sunday morning Worship Services, five mornings of Lutheran Chautauqua Chaplain's Hour/Bible Studies, 25 morning Symphony rehearsals, and two weeks of The United Methodist Church conferences.

The Hoover Auditorium Backstage Crew dedicates long hours, usually in the evenings and on weekends, to provide enriching cultural arts performances in this amazing auditorium. Volunteers dedicate more than 825 hours of energy and time as ushers, "clickers," exhibit set-up crews and docents. Stary mentioned, "We have volunteers anywhere from the age of eight to 80, which is quite a testament to the dedication of the Lakeside community."

When attending the next cultural arts show in Hoover Auditorium, remember A.L. Hoover and the energy, financial support and love he dedicated to Lakeside from 1926-1946 and the legacy he left with Lakeside's Hoover Auditorium. As you walk through the doors and are greeted by the ushers or "clickers," thank those volunteers who help make every performance possible each Chautauqua season.

We invite you to enter the gift planning conversation by considering a deferred gift to Lakeside including a bequest or annuity, or consider your time and energy by volunteering. Please contact Vice President of Advancement, Gretchen Colon, at gcolon@lakesideohio.com or (419) 798-5396.