Artists-N-Cahoots Now Located at Bigger Store

Posted on June 18, 2010

Artists-N-Cahoots, the popular Lakeside Store established by two Rhein Center artists and Lakesiders, Joyce Christman and Erin Rosson, has a new location to celebrate their fifth year. Artists-N-Cahoots can now be found at 222 Walnut Avenue, the space formerly occupied by the Cokesbury bookstore.

Christman and Rosson said they are looking forward to the new location and having the additional space.  The store will be able to accommodate more art across a broader range. Currently, the store showcases items such as paintings, jewelry, ornaments and stained glass. The new space will also make the store accessible to a greater number of customers, including those who are handicapped or have strollers.

“We can give artists their own kind of venue now,” Rosson explained. “Before, we couldn’t give artists individual (areas), but now we can really let guests view (their artwork).” They also said that they hope to do a greater number of artist demonstrations. Christman and Rosson had previously taught together in Columbus and became reacquainted at Lakeside. Christman described them as “two teachers who love and promote art and artists.”

They became inspired to create a venue for artists to sell their artwork after spending summers selling their own artwork off their porches. The great response from Lakesiders and the community’s enthusiasm for the Rhein Center encouraged them, and they eventually made a proposal to the Lakeside Association to open the store. “The connection (the store has) to the Rhein Center is paramount,” Christman stated. “They volunteer to teach there and this is the one place where they have the opportunity to sell.”

“We are honored and humbled to be given this space,” Christman added. “But we also need to credit all the Rhein Center artists, guests and residents who support us.” Artists-N-Cahoots features Rhein Center artists such as Ruth App, Robert Bruce, Jane Foy, Joan Garverick, Neil Glaser, Myra Leeper, Carol Murray and Juliann Breting Rohn.