Final “State of Lakeside” Address to Be Delivered

Posted on August 05, 2010

Lakeside Association President/CEO Kevin Sibbring, in his 2010 State of Lakeside address on July 14 and 27, reported on the financial picture and future strategies of the Lakeside Association. One more presentation will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 8. in the Hotel Lakeside Fern Room.

The presentation began by placing Lakeside in context compared to the remaining Chautauqua communities across the United States. Sibbring reviewed Lakeside as a non-profit charitable institution and explained the Chautauqua program costs and attendance at annual religious, educational, cultural arts and recreational programs. He outlined annual revenues and expenses, including employment statistics and costs related to management of guest services and the five foremost strategic goals of Lakeside.

Sibbring highlighted some significant challenges, including the need to maintain the aging 47 structures and 9.4 miles of roads owned by the Association. He also summarized the importance of philanthropy and how the Lakeside Fund bridges the gap between annual revenues and expenses. 

“This is the most realistic presentation I have heard about Lakeside in over 60 years,” commented attendee Dick Klaus. “They didn’t have anything to hide or edit. Lakeside has never looked so great in the last 60 years that I have been here.” 

Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation Board Chair, Randy Snow explained, “It is important for individuals to understand the needs of the Chautauqua program, the maintenance and care for the many structures, as well as the ongoing need to generate additional funds to properly maintain those buildings.”