Hotel Online Reservations Now Available

Posted on July 01, 2010

Although Lakeside is an historic Chautauqua community, it continues to strive to meet 21st century guest expectations. An online reservations system has been established for the Hotel Lakeside and the Fountain Inn and will be available year-round. From the Lakeside website, guests can now check availability and make a reservation on a live interface.  Guests are also able to view pictures of individual rooms and a list of hotel and room amenities.  After the reservation is made, guests are able to check its status.

Online reservations are accessible from the Lakeside home page (, through the new pictured widgets located at the bottom of the screen or by clicking the “Staying at Lakeside” tab. Steve Koenig, General Manager of Hotel Lakeside and the Fountain Inn, said the pictures are important for guests to see, especially since the Hotel Lakeside rooms are uniquely decorated with antique furnishings. “It helps returning guests find rooms they’ve stayed in previously,” Koenig explained. “It also helps new guests find rooms they find attractive.”

Koenig said he expects more guests to book at the Hotel Lakeside and Fountain Inn as a result of 24/7 service that online reservations provides. As of June 30, the reservations web page had already had 5,030 hits and 236 guests had made their reservations online. Group Sales Manager Adam Gehman stated the online reservations has already increased staff efficiency.

Guests still have the option of making a reservation in person or by calling (866) 952-5374, ext. 230.

The project was spearheaded by Koenig, Gehman, Director of Marketing Alexandrea Kontos and Vice President of Operations Wendy Eller. The team appreciates the efforts of Riney Robertson, who spent countless hours taking pictures of the Hotel Lakeside and Fountain Inn rooms. Gehman said the housekeeping staff was also an invaluable asset for this project with the advanced preparation needed for the hotel rooms. There will also be an online-only weekday promotion throughout the Chautauqua summer season, ending Thursday, Sept. 2.  The promotion is for 10 percent off for hotel stays made Sunday-Thursday (excluding holidays).  Continue to check the Lakeside website for ongoing promotions.