Lakeside Authors Recreate Summer Memories

Posted on November 02, 2010

Lakesiders express their love for this beloved Chautauqua community in many ways. Some volunteer their time or partake in the Chautauqua programs, while others write stories about their experiences. Below are two Lakeside authors who share their love of Lakeside through picture books and children’s stories. These books make great birthday gifts and Christmas presents for loved ones.

Doin’ Nothin’ in Lakeside, photographer Brenda Knipp

Doin_Nothin.jpgBrenda Knipp, a longtime Lakesider, has published two photo books about her summer home in Lakeside. Her first book, Inside Lakeside, published in 2009 (currently out of print), provided pictures of beautiful Victorian cottages, beloved landmarks and the friendly atmosphere of the Chautauqua on Lake Erie. Lakeside’s beauty is evident in her second book, Doin’ Nothin’ in Lakeside, in which Knipp showcases Lakeside as a relaxing vacation spot, with opportunities to do as much or as little as the heart desires. She teams up with friend and retired English teacher Kathy Rhodes, who provides a light-hearted narrative to accompany the photo story. Still answering the question, “What is Lakeside,” Knipp highlights the many ways to enjoy Doin’ Nothin’ in the Chautauqua community. All are invited to purchase Doin’ Nothin’ in Lakeside on Amazon. The Lakeside Fund will receive $10 from each copy sold. Knipp is a retired high school French teacher, currently working at Huntington University in Huntington, Ind. Her hobby of photography was initially prompted on sightseeing trips to France.

Lakeside Rascals, author Linda L. Smith

Lakeside_Rascals.jpgLakesider Linda L. Smith has been visiting Lakeside for 50 years. She recently wrote a children’s book titled, Lakeside Rascals. The story involves two friends who find silliness and fun in Lakeside. It is told through several mischievous incidents involving Harriet the raccoon and Squirrelly the squirrel. Harriet is named after longtime Lakesider Harriet Krynock, who was able to read the children’s story before her passing in 2009. Through a mutual Lakeside friend, Smith was introduced to Jenny Campbell, freelance cartoonist, children’s illustrator and the author of the nationally syndicated cartoon strip, “Flo and Friends.” Campbell’s illustrations in Lakeside Rascals bring the two characters to life and showcase the beautiful background scenery of the Chautauqua community.

Lakeside Rascals is $20 and may be purchased by emailing Smith at In an email message, please include your name, address and email address for purchase and reply. (If mailed, there is an additional $4 for postage). Lakeside Rascals may also be found at Marilyn’s in Lakeside, Glazed & Blazed in Marblehead and at the Otterbein North Shore gift shop outside the gates of Lakeside. Profits from Lakeside Rascals will go to the Lakeside Fund in support of the C. Kirk Rhein, Jr. Center for the Living Arts. Smith is a retired elementary school teacher and certified reading specialist. One of her greatest joys is watching children learning to read.