Thank You to Lakeside Volunteers

Posted on August 26, 2010

Countless Lakeside volunteers have generated an energizing spirit by dedicating time to support the mission and vision of this Chautauqua community. This dedicated spirit has been deeply touching, and Lakeside is indeed thankful to each and every volunteer.

It first began in the spring when more than 80 individuals participated in the annual Spring Cleanup Day (pictured right), volunteering more than 500 hours to improve the appearance of the Lakeside grounds. In addition, volunteer gardeners spent many hours ensuring that Lakeside looked its best, whether it was planting and weeding the many parks and public gardens or lending expertise to landscaping and grounds care.

The spirit thrived in the Chautauqua season when artists returned to the lake to volunteer their time to teach art classes at the C. Kirk Rhein, Jr. Center for the Living Arts, accumulating more than 2,000 hours.  

Thank you to the volunteers that committed 825 hours of energy and time at Hoover Auditorium as ushers, “clickers,” exhibit set-up crews and docents.

Each Tuesday afternoon, a team of four Lakesiders proofread the newspaper, giving more than 160 hours of their time. Lakesiders of all ages delivered the Lakesider each Saturday morning volunteering more than 880 hours of time and delivering more than 10,868 newspapers over the season.

The Lakeside Fund Co-Chairs and Lakeside Fund Ambassadors offered time during the Chautauqua season making visits, phone calls and sending personal emails to share what Lakeside means to them and the importance of supporting the Lakeside Fund.

Lakesiders dedicated their gifts and graces by providing lay leadership at worship services and volunteering as ushers on Sunday mornings. Members of the Chautauqua Choir shared their joy in the Lord by leading the hymns and singing beautiful anthems as well.

Passionate sailors gathered each Sunday afternoon, introducing children to sailing and devoting more than 200 hours of time to recreation. More than 20 volunteers helped manage the Raccoon Run and countless hours were dedicated across all areas of recreation.

Community members invested their time with the Lakeside Leadership Academy internship program, providing professional guidance and support. Lakeside Association Board members, Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation Board member and Advisory Committee members volunteered throughout the year.

Lakeside is indeed grateful for each and every volunteer for the countless hours they have given throughout the year to support the mission and vision of Lakeside. Each volunteer made it possible for guests and residents to nurture mind, body and spirit this season, one hour at a time. Thank you kindly for your time and energy this year.