2011 Lakeside Photo Show Winners

Posted on August 16, 2011

The Annual Lakeside Amateur Photography Show has been judged. Thank you to all entrants for the wide variety of subjects. A special thank you to judges Jennifer Beck and Dawn Randall of Toledo.

In selecting “Best of Show,” the judges stated, “This photo cleverly captures both the traditional architecture of St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the modern architecture of the office building across the street. We feel that in addition to the vibrant colors, clarity and strong composition, the photograph is symbolic of how our modern culture distorts the traditional culture of our past.”

Joel Hagemeyer, Photography Show co-coordinator, added, “This show is always challenging to judge, as so many original presentations are submitted each year from area amateur photographers shooting not only in their own backyards, but on their excursions around the world as well.” 

BEST of SHOW: John R. Cummings


ALTERED:              1st – Elizabeth Green 2nd – John Wanhainen 3rd – Amelia Marlsen  

ARCHITECTURE:  1st – James Cox 2nd – Jim Cox 3rd – Sue Newman HM – Joe Cox

BLACK & WHITE:  1st , 2nd & HM – Clinton Matlack 3rd – Sharon Aunchman HM – Tom Sweigard HM – Justine Hulsey

CHILD thru 12 years:  1st, 2nd, 3rd & HM – Alex Lenhart 2 HMs – Katelyn Petrycki 2 HMs – Ashley Samuelson HM – Hannah Warren HM – Matthew Bartter      

CREATURES:        1st – Tom Sweigard 2nd – Mike Brown 3rd – Roger Jones HM – Monica Samuelson

FLORA:                    1st – Joseph Britton 2nd & HM – Lee Flasche 3rd – Tom Sweigard HM – Justine Hulsey HM – Jeanne Chaney HM – Rebecca Williams

LAKESIDE:            1st – Roger Jones 2nd – Lee Flasche 3rd – Clinton Matlack

OBJECT:                  1st – Elizabeth Green 2nd – Julie Cross 3rd – Natalie Wheeler HM – Clinton Matlack PLACES:                  1st & 2 HMs – John R. Cummings 2nd – Clinton Matlack 3rd – Jack Wanhainen HM – Jean Fairchild

PORTRAIT/PEOPLE: 1st & HM – Julie Cross 2nd – Justine Hulsey 3rd – Charles Mader HM – Peg McCauley

TEEN 12-17 years:    1st – Chani Ferrell 2nd – Megan Samuelson 3rd & HM – Beth Lingman HM – Elizabeth Buralli HM – Jack Wanhainen HM – Alexx Mitchell HM – Suzi Tanner HM – Rachel Smith

WEATHER:  1st – Melissa Henderson 2nd – Michael Mihnovets 3rd – Carol Murray HM – Martha Lenhart HM – Lee Flasche HM – Mike Brown HM – Susan M. Kidd

*HM-Honorable Mention

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