Community Garden is Up and Growing

Posted on June 30, 2011

Lakeside has a community garden, located in front of the Lakeside Schoolhouse on the corner of Walnut Avenue and Seventh Street.

The idea for a community garden was sparked by Lakesider Neil Glaser. With the initial construction completed in fall of 2010 and the fence finished this past spring, the community garden is up and growing.

“Truth be known, I know nothing about gardening,” Glaser said. “All I wanted was a spot to grow my tomatoes.”

After Glaser came up with the idea, he recruited Jan Hilty, summer resident of Lakeside, and Peggy Horgan, full-time Lakeside resident, for what he calls their “master gardening skills.” Plans were made and the construction began for Lakeside’s first community garden.

“I think people realized that we don’t have a lot of sun,” Hilty said. “We can’t have personal gardens because there is too much shade.”

After purchasing the soil, the team built frames for 24, four-by-four gardening plots in the yard of the Lakeside Schoolhouse.

“We will see how it goes this year,” Glaser said. “We had a pretty good response for the first 24 plots.”

Each gardener is responsible for their plot for the season. According to Glaser, “The gardeners are enthusiastic.”

“We all enjoy gardening and we are all learning together,” Hilty said. “You meet new people and there is always someone there to garden with. I think it will benefit Lakeside, in that it is a community project where people can come together with a common goal.”

The community garden is essentially organic -- there are no pesticides permitted. So far, gardeners have harvested radishes and lettuce of all kinds. Peas, green beans, tomatoes, carrots, egg plants, peppers and onions have also been planted.

“I think it benefits the whole community by encouraging eating locally and eating healthy,” Hilty said. “It actually compliments the Farmers’ Market.”

The plots are full for the summer, but in the future, more gardeners may be needed. For more information, email Jan Hilty at

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