Hotel Lakeside Structural Challenge Revealed Before Winter

Posted on February 25, 2011

For more than 135 years, Hotel Lakeside has provided you and many guests a place to stay, dine and experience the best views of Lake Erie.

In late November, Lakeside Vice President of Municipal Services, Dave Geyer, detected problems in the hotel’s northeast foundation and front porch.   Together, Geyer and contractors determined that several beams had rotted completely causing the lobby floor to sink more than two to three inches.  The 65-foot stretch is part of the original foundation of Hotel Lakeside.

To fix the structural problem, “Contractors ran steel beams through the exterior walls and attached the beams to the floor joist.  This allowed the contractors to raise the northeast corner of Hotel Lakeside so that 65 feet of new foundation could be poured and structural beams could be replaced,” explains Geyer.  “The lobby floor was removed to repair the historic structure.”  

The level of the floor will be put back to its original height and the sub-floor will be replaced.  Finally, the interior and exterior walls will be repaired and painted at the end of the project.  Geyer says, “The work being completed is very extensive for this historic building, and two more phases will need to be completed very soon.” 

"In addition to guest service improvements including online reservations and the opening of the Hotel Lakeside Café you experience every season, Lakeside must manage the critical infrastructure needs to ensure the preservation of this national landmark," emphasizes Lakeside Association President/CEO Kevin Sibbring.

Please consider contributing a designated Hotel Lakeside gift so that we can continue to preserve this Lakeside and national treasure.  Give online or contact (419) 798-5396 or for more information.

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