Lakeside Upgrades Campground for 2011 Season

Posted on April 14, 2011

The Lakeside Campground, home to more than 50 families and visited by hundreds of temporary campers each season, has initiated the first phase of the compliance and upgrade project. Ottawa County now mandates more space between camping units, requiring Lakeside to change campsite boundaries. In addition to these changes, Lakeside has also upgraded electric, sewer and water capabilities for each site.

All campsite boundaries are being reconfigured where needed to ensure Lakeside’s compliance with county regulations.  “The relocation committees headed by Greg Linville and Mark Nurnberger have helped tremendously with the relocation of residents who desired to move to a new campsite during this phase. We greatly appreciate the time and effort of the volunteer committees,” explains Wendy Eller, Lakeside Association Chief Operating Officer. 

The northern border campsites now have electric outlets to accommodate 50 amps of power, previously only accommodating 30 amps or no electricity. Trenches were dug, and new water and sewer lines were installed and recently tested in this area. Rough grading has started and will be completed by mid-April. 

Eller adds, “There are many benefits to this first phase of the compliance and upgrade project. Campsite boundaries will be clearly marked and will offer easy electric, sewer and water hookups.  Also, the physical transition of camping units in and out of the sites will be much easier. “

The Lakeside Campground officially opens on May 15. Later phases will include upgrades in the south end and to the grounds, fence line and bathhouse.

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