New Bike Rack at Rhein Center

Posted on August 18, 2011

One of Lakeside's most cherished multi-generational experiences is the ability to safely ride bicycles inside the gates. The Lakeside Association will be installing a new custom bicycle rack near the C. Kirk Rhein, Jr., Center for the Living Arts, located on the corner of Sixth Street and Walnut Avenue.

The Dero bicycle rack will incorporate the creative inspirations of the Rhein Center, while providing modern storage and parking needs. This unique and colorful bicycle rack will become the first useable outdoor  artwork in Lakeside.

The Dero Bike Rack Co. was one of the first to make functional but artistic bicycle parking racks. In 1995, its founders believed that they could build a successful bike parking business if their products were high quality, functional and aesthetically attractive so that architects and planners could integrate the designs into the landscape.

The multi-colored shaped triangles demonstrate the unique artistic creativity at the Rhein Center.  This first outdoor usable piece will remain for the community to enjoy year round. Each triangle will be securely fastened to a newly poured concrete slab located directly across the street from the Rhein Center.

"Outdoor art is a source for enriching the human spirit and is fitting for our Lakeside community," explained Kevin Sibbring, Lakeside Association president/CEO.

Lakeside's ability to add this first outdoor art piece was made possible through the Dick Monroe Memorial Fund. Monday, Wednesday and Friday were the days that Dick Monroe rode his blue bicycle to the Rhein Center to conduct his much-loved rock painting classes. Monroe would walk through the door and someone's day would be brightened. We generously thank Jean Fontaine, Monroe's wife.