Use Caution: Lakeside is a “Slow-Go” Community

Posted on June 22, 2011

Lakeside has had a strong emphasis on safety and wellness for decades, and that focus is continued this season as we host guests on the grounds.

As we consider the safety and well being of guests and residents, it is Lakeside’s primary goal to maintain a safe and pleasant environment as we nurture the mind, body and spirit of all Lakesiders.

Lakeside has made some significant changes in the area of safety this season, and will continue to educate the community, as well as encourage all guests to follow these safety guidelines. One visible change this season is the addition of signage at the crosswalks in high traffic areas.

These bright signs are located at busy intersections and crosswalks to encourage all vehicles and bicycles to stop at crosswalks. Pedestrians are to use crosswalks where provided and everyone entering an intersection should use caution, whether approaching by foot, bike, golf cart or car.

There has been an immediate, positive response to this new signage as people are now slowing down as a result. We hope the signage continues to encourage all children and adults to use extreme caution at crosswalks and intersections within the gates.

If driving a car, golf cart or riding a bicycle, please stop at stop signs, drive down all one-way streets correctly and yield to pedestrians.

Another change this season is the addition of the Bicycle Patrol to the Lakeside Security force. Two positions have been added to the Security team this year, both of which will serve Lakeside as Security officers on bicycles.

Thanks to a generous gift from the Lakeside Property Owners Association, professional police bikes and equipment were purchased and will be used by the two members of the Bicycle Patrol.

In an effort to educate guests and residents, a safety flyer will be distributed to all guests as they enter the gates of Lakeside. The flyer explains that Lakeside is a "Slow-Go" community, and emphasizes the importance of following safety practices within the gates.

It also clearly outlines specific safety rules for pedestrians, as well as those using a bicycle, golf cart or car on the streets of Lakeside. The flyer strongly encourages all children and their parents to participate in the weekly bike safety program, the Bicycle Rodeo, which is a new and improved program.

This program is a joint venture between Lakeside Security and Danbury Police, which offers a fun way for children and their families to learn and practice bicycle safety.

Everyone within the gates is responsible for contributing to our safety culture by practicing safe behavior at all times.