Hoover Auditorium Upgrades Take Center Stage

Posted on June 19, 2012

Hoover Auditorium has a new appearance this season. This historic facility underwent many upgrades during the off-season.

Four large-scale ceiling fans were installed in early April to ensure that audiences enjoy cultural arts performances and worship services comfortably. Each fan is silent even though it has 11 blades with a wing span of 18 feet.

The fans were custom made by a company in Kentucky and were painted to match the trusses and roof to blend into the ceiling.

Technology and logistics play critical roles in producing and delivering many memorable performances and worship services in Hoover, especially with sound reinforcement and amplification.

The aging sound board in Hoover was replaced in February and March. The old sound board was purchased "used" more than 15 years ago and was not up to current technology standards. In many instances in the past, Lakeside had to rent additional sound boards and other expensive equipment to meet the technical needs of today's performers.

The new sound board was replaced by Venue Technologies, a company who has worked with Lakeside for many years on special events. The new Yamaha M-7, digital console is a significant upgrade from the previous analog console.

Hoover also underwent an aesthetic face-lift. Fresh paint was applied to the exterior trim and doors of Hoover this past fall. The interior was painted in May.

In mid-April, the pegboard walls in the Hoover lobby were removed and replaced by four gallery walls with a new mounting system to hang and display artwork and photos.

Behind the information desk, a four-foot clear glass wall was built just in time for the Summer Opening Ceremony over the Memorial Day weekend. The clear glass wall gives patrons an unobstructed view of Hoover's magnificent proscenium arch and stage.

Shirley Stary, vice president of Programming at Lakeside Chautauqua, praised the construction workers who crafted the new wall.

"The men building the wall took so much pride in the work they were doing," Stary said. "I was so pleased that our vision of the wall came alive through the hard work and craftsmanship of those men."

The information desk, a long-time staple of Hoover Auditorium, was completely restored by Keith Addy, former programming director at Lakeside Chautauqua.

All upgrades to Hoover took place because of the generous gifts and support from the Lakeside Chautauqua community.