Technical Director Celebrates 16th Chautauqua Season

Posted on January 31, 2012

Ted Hough (pictured far left) will celebrate his 16th season as Hoover Auditorium Technical Director. His technical expertise and familiarity with the historic auditorium makes him a huge asset to our programming staff.

Hough explains, “I feel very fortunate to be part of the history of Hoover Auditorium where so many important people have performed.” 

Before each performance, the artist’s manager sends a detailed technical rider to Hough, listing all the sound, lighting and equipment requirements. 

Specific microphones are placed on stage for singers and musicians. Monitors are positioned so performers can hear the full mix of sound. All of the components are wired through a central piece of equipment, known as the sound board. The sound board is central for combining, routing and changing the level and dynamics of sound during a Hoover performance.

Hough explains, “Like with any technical field, the advance in technology is rapidly changing.”

A quality sound board is one of the major components to ensure a successful Hoover program.  Performers are accustomed to venues using state-of-the-art technology, including specific sound boards, monitors and microphones. Therefore, the sound board needs to be upgraded in Hoover.

Shirley Stary, vice president of Programming ,explains, “Hough works magic every night in Hoover Auditorium and the show couldn’t go on without him. With 16 years of experience in the venue, he understands this historic auditorium and the uniqueness of the hall better than anyone does. “

She adds, “He has a wealth of knowledge about the theatre, and is a welcoming ‘host’ to every entertainer who performs in Hoover. When I inherited my position from Keith Addy, the biggest piece of advice he gave me was ‘do whatever you can to keep Ted – he’s one in a million.’”

By upgrading to digital technology, this new sound board will be a benefit for performers and the audience, as well as Ted and the Hoover Stage Crew.