What Do You Give When You Give to Lakeside Chautauqua?

Posted on December 13, 2013

The holiday season is upon us. It is a time to reflect on the memories and traditions we have experienced the past year, and serves as a reminder to give back in a special way.

As we gather with families for an inspiring holiday performance, sit by the fire to read a new novel, travel for family gatherings or attend a holiday worship service, we give thanks for each of these experiences.

When families experience Lakeside Chautauqua for the first time, they are transformed, embraced by creativity, inspired by thought-provoking lectures and welcomed by neighbors and friends.

This holiday season, we are sharing stories about the spirit of Chautauqua. These stories are about what you give when you support the Lakeside Fund. As we continue this season of giving, continue to visit our website to read about how the spirit of Chautauqua is alive at Lakeside Chautauqua and give back.

Give Inspiration

This past summer, the Lakeside Symphony Orchestra celebrated its 50th Anniversary of inspiring classical music.

“To me, [the Lakeside Symphony Orchestra] is the crown jewel in the cultural environment of Lakeside,” said harpist Kathie Bracy, a 47-year member of the symphony. “Many Lakesiders, so I’m told, could not imagine a summer season without their resident symphony orchestra.” 

You can give the gift of inspiration when you support Lakeside Chautauqua.

Give Exploration

Lakeside Chautauqua is a place where children are given opportunities to explore their gifts and talents from a very young age. Children’s activities like Ring & Sing and Fun with Music allow children to play instruments and sing songs. 

“I was always amazed at how much the kids learned in just three days of class,” Emily Donathan, former Youth Music & Education Intern, shared. “They sang songs from memory, played instruments, and made new friends and memories with the other kids in the class.”

You can give the gift of exploration when you support Lakeside Chautauqua.

Give Serenity

Inspired by years of memories and family tradition, the McGinty siblings each chose Lakeside Chautauqua as the backdrop for their special life-changing moments.

In August 2012, Ryan McGinty proposed to his girlfriend, Rachel, at the gazebo in Central Park. Less than one year after his Lakeside engagement and just 34 days following his wedding, Ryan’s sister, Shannon, married her husband, Chip Boster, in June 2013 on the front lawn of the Hotel Lakeside. A Lakeside Chautauqua wedding was an obvious choice for Shannon and her husband, Chip.

They explained, “We imagined a day that was really symbolic of what it means to be in connection and to create a family. What better place to do that than a place centered on Christ and on that type of connection?” 

You can give peace, serenity and love when you support Lakeside Chautauqua.