Art Sculpture to Adorn Next Phase of Chautauqua Park

Posted on April 12, 2014

The next phase of Chautauqua Park is set to begin this spring as work is completed in the southeast corner.

Thanks to the generosity of a beloved Lakesider, Elizabeth Rose Williams, a gift was received from the Columbus Foundation to secure a magnificent, red granite sculpture that will be placed in the park. The sculptor, Charles Herndon, is a renowned artist who resides on Kelleys Island.

Carved from an unusually homogenous piece of red granite, Inturning, is made of a well-traveled stone, known as a glacial erratic. This igneous rock, not native to Ohio, was carried south by successive glaciers, and may be more than 3 billion years old.

While carving this piece of rock, Herndon explained that it reminded him of the embrace of a mother holding her child. He says he thought about meditation, spiritual self-realization and peace during the process.

Inturning, after its departure from Kelleys Island and a tour of galleries in Chicago, Cincinnati and Columbus, spent its early years at the Governor's residence in Columbus.

“I have visited the place it will live from now on,” said Herdon. “It is a fitting place for this piece. I hope it will encourage those who spend time with it to find their own inner peace.”

The generosity of many Lakeside families makes this beautiful park possible. You are invited to join them in supporting Chautauqua Park with a special financial gift. Give online or contact the Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation for more information.

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