‘Faith Snaps’ featuring Ernie and Nila McCullough

Posted on August 01, 2014

Each summer, Ernie and Nila Mc­Cullough smile at Lakesiders from the Hoover Ticket Office window and the Lakeside Chautauqua Administra­tion Office front desk.

Their lives have revolved around church, family, working with youth, sports (timer and scorebook for Wil­lard basketball for more than 30 years), attending plays and concerts, and above all, their faith in God.

In 1960, Presbyterian minister Robert Bricker introduced them to Lakeside after their move to Willard, Ohio from Pennsylvania.

Ernie started his career in educa­tion, which lasted for 38 years. Nila worked as a legal secretary, school secretary and customer service secre­tary.

As members of the Firelands Pres­byterian Church in Marblehead, Ohio, the McCulloughs are readers, com­munion assistants and servers.

Ernie teaches the Adult Sunday School class, and Nila teaches the Confirmation class, preparing youth for uniting with the church.

The McCullough family includes four generations of Lakesiders.

Ernie and Nila first stayed in cot­tage rentals, camped, and then built a home on Lynn Avenue in 1994, where family and friends gather to this day.

Their daughter, Jen, and three grandsons enjoy Lakeside. As babies, they sat in high chairs at the Abigail Tea Room following Sunday Worship at Hoover Auditorium. Now, Ernie and Nila welcome five great-grand­children to Lakeside.

The McCulloughs share their hope for the future of Lakeside to continue to follow its vision as a “Chautauqua community dedicated to Christian values.” They also hope that Lakeside will always be a place for families to gather and grow in grace.