Join the conversation on Lakeside’s new blog– The Front Porch

Posted on June 25, 2014

This summer, Lakeside Chautauqua joins the online blog community with the launch of its official blog, The Front Porch.

The blog’s name, The Front Porch, was inspired by the 900 cottages that line Lakeside’s quaint streets and the beautiful atmosphere they provide.

Most have a cozy front porch, perfect for relaxing, reading, drinking iced tea, playing card games and especially for welcoming conversation.

This is a place for sparking conversation among each other. The stories and contributions of fellow Lakesiders on this web log will help make The Front Porch conversations authentic and true, allowing for others to learn and grow.  

“Conversations are generated on a lot of front porches around Lakeside,” said Gretchen Colón, vice president of Advancement & Communications. “These front porch conversations are the very essence of Chautauqua.”

Lakesiders can interact with the blog by scrolling through various pages, commenting on new posts, being featured as a guest blogger and sharing it with other Lakesiders.

“Conversations today are important between multiple generations as a way to reconnect and learn from one another,” said Colón. “It’s also important for us to learn from new and longtime friends.”

Lakeside began planning for the blog more than 18 months ago.

In order to more fully embrace current technology and meet 21st century guest expectations, Lakeside has created a blog that showcases a sleek design and a user friendly environment.

The blog design also mirrors the responsive concept behind Lakeside’s website. A responsive web design “responds to,” or resizes itself, to the device being used, such as an oversized desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone screen.

In addition to software upgrades, the blog includes large imagery and multimedia that helps to better share the Lakeside story with guests.

Each page includes large banner images, highlighting the blog’s most recent posts.

This blog will feature Lakeside snapshots, travel tips, how-to articles, devotionals, interviews with the staff and guests’ experiences.

The Front Porch will be a place for Lakesiders to visit frequently and share their stories, memories, photos and more.

The blog will also provide access to Lakeside Chautauqua’s other social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as the Lakeside website.

The Front Porch allows you to connect even when you are not here,” said Colón.  “We invite you to participate in this conversation because your thoughts are valued, and you are an important part of the Lakeside community.”

Lakeside Chautauqua asks that the community respect everyone’s thoughts in their comments and feedback, as this is a moderated blog, and comments will be reviewed.

Lakesiders may join The Front Porch conversations at, and share their stories with community members.