Kings Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

Posted on July 02, 2014

Long time Lakesiders, Dwight and Alice King, will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary with family and friends on Saturday, July 5.

Married on Dec. 28, 1963, the Kings celebrated their anniversary this past winter at their home church in Melbourne, Australia.

The couple makes the flight to Lakeside every year and plans to renew their vows this summer for all of their American friends and family, and their family who is flying in from Australia.

“We believe in celebrating marriage,” said Alice.

The Kings have renewed their vows four times in their 50 years of marriage.

Together, the couple owns several cottages at Lakeside, including the cottage Dwight built with his family as a child.

Dwight’s parents were both youth workers at Lakeside and dreamed of having their own cottage.

When his parents married in 1933, they did not smoke, but decided to save 25 cents a day, which they would have spent smoking to put towards their Lakeside house.

In 1952, when Dwight was 11 years old, the couple finally had enough funds to purchase two lots at Lakeside, and the materials to build their very own cottage.

The family would drive up to Lakeside on Saturday mornings, spend their entire day working on the cottage and then return to their hometown of Bascom, Ohio, on Saturday night.

Once there was a roof on the structure, the family would stay through the weekend. This continued until their 1950s cottage at 417 W. Fifth St. was finished.

“The cottage was a home away from home, a special place for the whole family,” he said.

After the construction, the King family spent nearly every summer at Lakeside. Dwight even remembers inviting his girlfriend, Alice Leister, to the family cottage for weekends during the summers.

Dwight met his future wife in seventh grade.

She was the new girl in school and his locker was next to hers. They were initially indifferent towards each other, but then, in the tenth grade, they became friends and spent evenings doing homework over the phone.

When he was 16 years old, he asked Alice to the junior prom and they began dating shortly after.

Once they finished high school, Alice attended the University of Cincinnati (UC) to study nursing, and Dwight attended Ohio State Universi¬ty to study electrical engineering. After dropping out of UC due to illness, Alice transferred to Capital University in Bexley, Ohio.

They were married in Tiffin, Ohio in December during their fifth year of college.

For their honeymoon, they spent their last week of Christmas break together in Columbus before classes resumed in January.

Working with a tight budget on their way to Columbus, the Kings stopped at McDonalds for their first meal as husband and wife.

“We ordered two 15 cent cheeseburgers and splurged on milkshakes for the occasion,” said Dwight.

After graduation, Dwight and Alice visited Lakeside in between Dwight’s career in the Air Force and with Electronic Data Systems. They have relocated nine times.

In the early 1990s, the family relocated to Melbourne, Australia. Although they were thousands of miles away, the Kings still managed to stay connected to Lakeside.

“Our family still visits Lakeside every summer,” said Dwight. “We want our kids to experience Lakeside like we did. We want them to know their roots.”

The Kings will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary during a morning ceremony on the Pavilion deck, overlooking the lake.

Their reception will be held in the Hotel Lakeside Fern Room.

For the Kings, Lakeside has been a place centered around family, love and tradition.

“This is an environment we want to pass onto our kids and our grandkids,” said Dwight. “No matter what you do, if kids see love exchanged within a family, it gives them a legacy to follow. That is a part of what Lakeside is all about.”