Lakeside Shares Thanks to Employees

Posted on August 13, 2014

Lakeside Chautuqua em­ployees are essential to help­ing the Lakeside mission come alive.

Employees provide im­portant services in virtually every aspect of the Lakeside Chautauqua experience.

Gate Ambassadors work around the clock during the summer to welcome Lake­siders back to the community and educate first-timers about the Chautauqua community.

Shuttle Drivers give guests their first glimpse of the grounds, while answering questions and sharing their own Lakeside stories.

As the summer unfolds, the Programming Staff en­riches the lives of Lakesiders through thoughtfully planned activities that span across the four pillars of Chautauqua.

These various opportuni­ties include arts and religious life programming in Hoover Auditorium, educational lec­tures in Chautauqua Hall and several recreational events across the Lakeside Chautau­qua campus.

From May until October, the Campground Staff enthu­siastically welcomes guests from across the country.

Throughout the year, the Maintenance Department continues the upkeep of Lake­side’s several historic build­ings and public spaces.

The Grounds Crew works tirelessly to maintain the beautification of the gardens and grounds during the sum­mer.

The Safety Services De­partment patrols year-round to ensure the safety of every­one in the community.

Behind-the-scenes, the Conference & Event Planning Team prepares for the arriv­al of several youth and band camps, while organizing spe­cial occasions, such as wed­dings, family reunions and memorial services.

Those who work at the Lakeside Chautauqua Admin­istration Office Front Desk welcome guests with a warm smile and help answer their questions, comments and con­cerns.

The Accounting & IT De­partment works year-round to oversee departmental budgets and the implementation of technology in the offices.

At the Hotel Lakeside and Fountain Inn, guests are greeted by the friendly Front Desk Staff, while answering questions about the programs and amenities offered.

The Housekeeping Staff works extremely hard to en­sure the cleanliness of each hotel room, group housing fa­cility and public space.

The Advancement & Communications Department engages with Lakesiders through multiple outlets, in­cluding donor events, social media, the Lakesider newspa­per and photography.

Each employee performs their duties with grace and seamless execution, all while the guests are experiencing the Chautauqua program.

Special thanks to the many passionate Lakeside Chautau­qua employees for their im­pact, service and dedication. See ‘Employee Spotlight’ for more information.