Lakeside Wooden Boat Show Brings Family of Enthusiasts

Posted on July 17, 2014

Shirley Green has fond memories of going fishing with her father in Canada when she was growing up.

When her father passed away, her mother gave his 1960, 18 horsepower Johnson outboard motor to Shirley’s husband, Doug. Little did she know, this exchange would begin a unique family hobby.

After a wooden boat show at Lake Cumberland sparked his interest, Doug purchased a wooden boat, named Little Minnow.

Little Minnow is a Lyman Runabout, but was just a shell when Doug purchased it. He added seats, a console, a deck and the gifted 1960, 18 horsepower Johnson motor.

After finishing Little Minnow, Doug found a 1933 Lyman wooden boat that he restored and named Granny.

Currently, he is restoring a 16.5 ft. Lyman wooden boat, named Black Betty, and looking for a 1957, 35 horsepower Johnson or Evinrude motor to complete the boat.

“It’s really like a treasure hunt to find the motor that goes with the year of the boat,” said Shirley. “We find a lot of our parts by word of mouth and traveling to antique motor shows.”

Shirley has a 1946, 12 ft. Thompson Car Topper, named for its shape that can easily rest on the top of a car when flipped over.

She calls her wooden boat Nipissing after Lake Nipissing in Canada, where her family fished when she was younger.

Doug and Shirley’s son, Bret, is restoring his first wooden boat, a 15 ft. 1955 Lyman.

During restoration, Bret found a rare 1956 Javelin motor that was only manufactured for one year and added it to his boat.

Bret will show his wooden boat for the first time at Lakeside’s Wooden Boat Show this year.

The Lakeside Wooden Boat Show first brought the Greens to Lakeside nearly five years ago.

“We’ve been to a number of boat shows in different states and Lakeside is our favorite,” said Shirley. “The setting is beautiful and it is so well organized. The artists are amazing, too.”

She also noted the large trees and fountain feature on the Hotel Lakeside lawn as one of her favorite things about the lakefront.   

“It is such a comforting and soothing place,” said Shirley.

She mentioned the unique community feel of Lakeside, with children swimming in the lake and friendly families everywhere.

The Greens now look forward to the Lakeside Wooden Boat Show every year, and even plan their vacation according to the show.

The Lakeside Wooden Boat Show is from 12-5 p.m. Sunday, July 20. The classic wooden boats will line the dock and the lawn of Hotel Lakeside.