Pat Castanaras Shares Her Lakeside Faith Journey

Posted on July 07, 2014

It has been said that entering Lakeside Chautauqua is like passing through “pearly gates.”

In Lakeside, guests are greeted by Pat Castanaras, gate supervisor, with a smile.

Daughter of the late Pearle and Les Cunningham, Castanaras supervises the ins and outs of the gates. Her work is ministry to guests, residents and staff.

Another ministry is her support of her brother, Les. He serves as an acolyte at Lakeside United Methodist Church (UMC) and helps assist with the Children’s Church parade on Sunday mornings.

Castanaras is active at her churches in Berea, Ohio and Lakeside. She participates in Dockside Worship Services, Lakeside UMC Services and Hoover Community Worship Services throughout the summer.

She began visiting Lakeside in 1951, and her family moved to Island View in 1978.

Castanaras’ Lakeside faith journey began during the summer of 1967.

The Lakeside Youth Institute elected her to preach at Holy Communion Worship.

She spoke from the heart about her brother’s faith to be unafraid of any issues handed to him. At that camp meeting, everyone recommitted to Christ.

Castanaras gratefully sees Lakesiders’ commitment to the religion pillar of Chautauqua with their support of Les.

On trips to the Cleveland Clinic together, Castanaras saw her brother comforted when they unexpectedly found familiar faces outside of Lakeside.

Lakesiders’ religion travels with them beyond the gate. Castanaras’ favorite experiences at Lakeside include moments at Chapel in the Woods, church services, Patio donuts, Lake Erie thunderstorms and hymn singing on the Dock.

“I hope Lakeside thrives past my days and others of the Cunningham family,” Castanaras said. “I also hope that it supports the religious pillar and remains the sweet and faithful community that it was and is.”