Support Renovations to the Shuffleboard Facility

Posted on May 08, 2014

Spring has arrived on the shores of Lake Erie, and shuffleboard players of all ages will return to the courts in only a few short months.

It has been a busy season for the community, especially at the shuffleboard facility. Over the last two months, construction crews have been working to enhance the experience for all spectators and shuffleboard players.

A complete renovation to the grandstand bleachers, located along Second Street, is currently taking place. Updates include a new roof, air vents to increase airflow and gutters to improve water runoff. 

The bleachers will be constructed with natural IPE wood, pronounced “ee-pay.” This type of wood is an environmentally responsible choice, prized for its durability, strength and its natural resistance to decay, wet conditions and insect infestation.

New blocks will be used to build the base of the bleachers, and drainage will be improved with heavier stone underneath.

Spectators and shuffleboard players will have easy access to the grandstand bleachers with improved steps, new railings and a level concrete walkway. A handicap-accessible viewing area will also be added, west of court #18.

A patio will be installed east of the new grandstand bleachers, which will include picnic tables. The seldom used bleachers from this area have been removed.

These enhancements to the shuffleboard facility are possible with your support to the Lakeside Fund. If you would like to make a gift towards this longstanding tradition in Lakeside, visit