Every Voice Matters, Thank You for Your Feedback

Posted on August 05, 2015

The Lakeside Chautauqua staff and Board of Directors are committed to the five strategic goals and establishing a clear road map for the community’s future.

Lakeside’s five strategic goals are: 1.) Preserve Lakeside’s heritage, traditions and culture as expressed in the mission and vision statement, 2.) Become known as a center of Chautauqua programming excellence, 3.) Assure Lakeside is a safe, healthy and aesthetically pleasing community, 4.) Address 21st century guest expectations, and 5.) Develop the financial resources needed for long-term sustainability and advancement.

This summer, many Lakesiders have been providing feedback to help plan for Lakeside’s future. They have participated in interviews, focus groups, community forums, surveys, presidential roundtable discussions and commenting on social media, as well as on Lakeside’s blog, The Front Porch.

Through these touchpoints, the community is identifying critical needs and opportunities connected with the five strategic goals. Lakesiders have voiced the importance and appreciation of the Chautauqua program and the safety and freedom of all visiting.

One Lakesider commented specifically on Lakeside’s commitment to the Christian principles of faith, saying “There are so many other places for families to go stay for vacations, but only a place like Lakeside is devoted to encouraging spiritual growth. This makes Lakeside a unique place for families with young children and also for adults of any age who want that environment.”

Lakesiders also feel that the values and traditions are vital to the Lakeside experience. They also identified and affirmed that the historic buildings and the beautiful gardens and grounds are important.

Another Lakesider noted, “Lakeside maintains 47 structures and more than 10 miles of roads, and it is important that Lakeside preserve the historic structures and continues to evolve.”

In addition, Lakesiders appreciate the transparency today. One Lakesider commented, “Transparency is happening today. For 140 years there was no transparency. It cuts down the gossip when there are forums, dessert receptions and round table discussions.”

Lakeside will continue to collect feedback over the next few months, as well as the next two years, through surveys, social media and blog comments, community forums and roundtable discussions to develop a master plan.

The Board will review the comprehensive information at upcoming meetings to develop a master plan. The master plan will provide a framework for sustainable development and preservation within the Lakeside community, including buildings, landscape, open spaces and infrastructure.   

The development of a master plan is a critical component for Lakeside’s future to ensure that the design of the grounds and facilities continue to support Lakeside’s mission and five strategic goals.  

Lakeside Chautauqua will continue to provide transparency to guests and residents by posting updates on the website at www.lakesideohio.com/news/2023, e-newsletters, The Front Porch blog and on social media through the off-season. We invite you to join these communication channels to receive these updates.