Green Gables Garden Remembers Beloved Lakesider

Posted on July 01, 2015

Although longtime Lakesider Curt Linke passed away more than 11 years ago, his memory still resides here in Lakeside.

Several years ago, Barbara Linke, Curt’s wife and a Lakeside Women’s Club (LWC) member, donated funds to create a memorial garden behind the LWC Green Gables for Curt.

Curt was the Recreation Director at Lakeside and always loved the outdoors. When he passed, Barbara thought there was no better way to honor his memory than to plant a garden in a place he and his family loved.

“We wanted part of him here,” she said.

The cross-shaped memorial is surrounded by numerous types of flowers and bushes, along with stones hand-painted by his children. The reserved, peaceful garden is not only for members of the LWC to enjoy, but is open for all Lakesiders to experience and appreciate.

“We want people to know it is here,” Barbara said.

While many enjoy the tranquil, calming energy of the garden daily, it will forever hold a dear place in Barbara and her family’s heart. It is still a place where she can visit her husband and her children can visit their father.

“When the children come for their yearly visit, we always have lunch in the garden,” Barbara said.

Lakesiders value the beauty and meaning of the garden just as much as Barbara and her family do. The amount of love given to this project came not only from Barbara and her family, but the entire Lakeside community.

LWC members maintain the upkeep of the garden today. They know how special the memorial is to the entire community and want to preserve its beauty and meaning. “Love is the main thing,” Barbara said.