Complete a Questionnaire about Community

Posted on April 26, 2016

On August 14-18, Lakeside will welcome Dr. Christine D. Pohl, Associate Provost and Professor of Christian Ethics and Church in Society at Asbury Theological Seminary.

She has completed extensive focus group research identifying the core practices essential for community life and authored the book Living into Community: Cultivating Practices that Sustain Us.

We will be using Dr. Pohl’s research to begin a dialogue about community and the core practices needed for a thriving one. You’re invited to participate in interviews and storytelling opportunities this spring and to take an electronic questionnaire now.

Some Lakesiders have already shared their thoughts about community by participating in our recent questionnaire.  Here are a few thoughts about the meaning of community from Lakesiders.   

  • “Community is ‘com’ means together, same and ‘unity’ means one in heart, spirit and vision. Thus, people who come together...committed to a shared vision.” 
  • “A collection of engaged people working together to improve the world around them.”
  • “A group of people who care about one another, who provide support and fellowship to each other.”
  • “People who are together in some capacity – living together, or working together, who care about each other.”
  • “Community is people who care about you as you care about them. Community does not have to be big. Many people are drawn to a life of small community.”

What does community mean to you? Many individuals also reflected about illustrations of community in Lakeside and recently shared their examples in the questionnaire.

  • “Christian principles; separation from the outside world; focus on spirit, mind and body.”
  • “Lakeside's Christian roots and beliefs hold this community together.”
  • “People care about each other. You know your neighbors, and there's a sense of helping each other get through the rough patches.”
  • “Family, faith, summer vacationing, love for outdoors and all that includes.”
  • “The four pillars.”
  • “A belief in the importance of our four Chautauqua pillars: Religion, Recreation, Education and the Arts. I have come to know my Lakeside friends through all of these venues.”

You’re invited to participate in the questionnaire about community, which will be used in Dr. Pohl’s lecture on Monday, Aug. 15 in Hoover Auditorium.

We’ll be using Dr. Pohl’s research this summer to begin a dialogue about
community and the core practices needed for a thriving one. She will
lead us in worship on Sunday, Aug. 14 in the Hoover Auditorium and will
lecture during the Faith for Living Hour throughout the week.