Lake Erie’s Algal Bloom Situation Remains at the Forefront

Posted on March 15, 2016

In December, members of Lakeside’s staff attended a forum held by the Lake Erie Improvement Association, titled “Reducing the Lake Erie Algae…Lessons from Others with the Same Problem.”   

Various state officials were present, including Ohio Representative Steve Ardnt, Dr. Jeff Reutter, OSU Sea Grant representative, and Larry Antosch, Ohio Farm Bureau representative.  

The meeting opened with a panel discussion. Then, topics focused on “Learning from Others” were presented, which included locations like the Fox River/Green Bay Algae Reduction and Chesapeake Bay.  

One action you can take to help the algal bloom situation is to write to your Ohio legislative representative. The Lake Erie Improvement Association’s website provides a link about ‘contacting your legislator.’

In addition, you’re invited to attend our Chautauqua Lecture Series’ theme week centered on ‘Lake Erie Stewardship’ from August 1-2. Featured speakers include Dr. Jeff Reutter and Dr. Laura Johnson.

Dr. Reutter is the Special Advisor for the Ohio Sea Grant College Program at Stone Laboratory and will present on the current state of Lake Erie and the economic impact algae has had on it. 

Dr. Johnson is a Research Scientist for the National Center for Water Quality Research at Heidelberg University. She will present research methods and findings related to her work on dissolved phosphorus runoff.