Lakeside Chautauqua Named ‘Best of Lake Erie’

Posted on September 13, 2016

Lakeside Chautauqua has been chosen as one of the ‘Best Chautauquas’ and ‘Best Western Ohio Hot Spots’ in Lake Erie Living magazine’s September/October 2016 issue.

The magazine’s ‘Best of Lake Erie’ issue includes both editors’ and readers’ picks of the best dining, shopping, lodging and attractions in Ohio, Ontario, New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

“Lakeside is one of our favorite places on the lake,’ said Lake Erie Living Editor Colleen Smitek, who makes a point of visiting with her family at least once a summer. “There is truly no place like it.”

She recently spent the afternoon in Lakeside for the annual Garden Tour with her mother, two daughters and their friends.

In her ‘From the Editor’ section of the ‘Best of Lake Erie’ issue, she notes, “It seems to me that the best outings are the ones that launch you completely into the moment, washing away any cares or concerns you may have had before leaving home. Sometimes, that happens as far away as the Caribbean or California. But, just as often, it’s on quick getaways only an hour or two from home. A good example is the day I recently spent at Ohio’s Lakeside Chautauqua.”

While on the grounds, her kids packed their bathing suits “for a day of swimming, candy shopping and playing in the park,” while Smitek and her mother rented a golf cart to tour the gardens.

She adds, “The homeowners were just as lovely as the flowers they tended to, especially Marge Smith, who shows attention both on her 20 grandchildren and great-grandchildren and on her bounty of roses, tiger lilies and poppies.”

After Smitek reconnected with her children and their friends for a game of shuffleboard she notes, “The dappled shade of the oaks seemed to somehow mix with the happy chatter of the girls to create the perfect, peaceful moment.”

Lakeside is honored to stand among several other businesses who were selected as the ‘Best of Lake Erie,’ including: Dockside as a ‘Best Cheap Eat,’ Marilyn’s Two as a ‘Best Local Boutique,’ Sloopy’s Sports Café as a ‘Best Pizza,’ the Marblehead Lighthouse as a ‘Best Lighthouse,’ Jimmy G’s as ‘Best Food Truck,’ Brown’s Dairy Dock as a ‘Best Ice Cream,’ Barnes Nursery as a ‘Best Landscape/Garden Center,’ Bay Point Resort as a ‘Best Builder,’ Bergman’s Orchards as a ‘Best Farmers’ Markets,’ and many more.

The full list of winners is listed in the September/October 2016 issue of Lake Erie Living.