Wellness Advisory Team Learns about Blue Zones Project

Posted on September 13, 2016

Over Labor Day weekend, the Wellness Advisory Team gathered in Chautauqua Park for a private dinner with Tony Buettner, Senior Vice President of Business Development with the Blue Zones Project, and his wife, Tammy.

Tony and his brother, Dan, have led teams of researches across the globe to uncover the secrets of Blue Zones, geographic regions where high percentages of centenarians are enjoying remarkably long, full lives.

After identifying five Blue Zones, the teams of researchers identified lifestyle characteristics that might explain longevity. They found that the lifestyles of all Blue Zone residents shared nine specific characteristics. They call these characteristics the Power 9®.

Tony shared his Blue Zones Project research to a crowd of 480 Lakesiders on Friday in Hoover Auditorium. At the Wellness Advisory Team dinner the following evening, team members asked follow-up questions to Tony’s lecture.

The team’s dinner with Tony served as the starting point of a six-month process where team members will work together to help the Lakeside staff define a comprehensive wellness program that can be offered to residents and guests beginning in 2017.

During the process, the team will define short- and long-term objectives for the community and will analyze wellness models such as the one documented in the New York Times best seller, The Blue Zones: 9 Lessons for Living Longer.

If you have input you’d like to share with the team, email gcolon@lakesideohio.com.