Lakeside Prairie Garden

Posted on December 08, 2017

A Step Towards Sustainability

Along with the introduction of the Wellness Center, we're excited to unveil Lakeside's newest landscaping project: a native prairie garden at the corner of Sixth Street and Laurel Avenue, just across the street from the pool.

The goal of the Prairie Garden project is multi-faceted. In an effort to bring a portion of Lakeside back to its natural roots and build a more sustainable community, the Ohio native plant prairie garden will serve as a resource to a myriad of pollinators and birds. The organic nature of the garden will prove to be an excellent educational tool, and it will become a site for lectures, demonstrations, workshops and walks with Lakeside’s Master Gardener, Loretta Wilken. In this space, the community can learn and grow together while enjoying the beauty of native Ohio flora.

Growing a prairie garden is a unique process that takes time. In the first two years, the plants will grow down, meaning that a lot of plant growth will occur in the roots before it begins sprouting. It is not until the fourth or fifth year that the plants reach their full maturity. Therefore, we ask for your patience in these first few years. The garden will still be available for leisure and learning, but it will be a work in progress.

As the garden flourishes and reaches full maturity, we'll also be sharing seedlings from the native plants with Lakeside homeowners to replant in their own gardens, and classes will be offered on how to help care for these plants.

Stay tuned for more information on this addition to the Lakeside grounds. If you'd like to contribute to this natural, sustainable and educational gardening project, contact Lakeside's Advancement staff at or (419) 798-5396.