Master Planning Presentation & Workshop Update

Posted on August 09, 2017

On July 22, a Master Planning Presentation & Workshop, titled “Planning Principles & Preliminary Concepts,” was held in Hoover Auditorium. Below is a summary and draft of the ideas collected this summer.

To view the entire PowerPoint presentation and find more ways to get involved, visit

The Lakeside community, together with staff from Lakeside and MKSK, gathered to discuss and review the findings of the Master Planning process so far.

Based out of Columbus, the urban-planning firm MKSK is working with Lakeside to research and develop a long-range Master Plan. MKSK will engage the broadest community during this two-year process. Through community engagement, new ideas will emerge, concepts will be tested and critical needs will be identified. This will ensure Lakeside Chautauqua has future programming spaces, recreational facilities, green spaces, accommodations, retail, transportation and parking solutions, as well as the best use of existing buildings.

Throughout the summer, Lakeside has asked residents, guests, staff and volunteers to provide input on their vision for Lakeside. Through surveys, focus groups, the interactive Master Planning website and the community workshops, MKSK has started to identify some key priorities and themes for the future of Lakeside.

As of the July 22 workshop, Lakeside has received input from the Board of Directors, the Steering Committee, various key stakeholders, community organizations, web users and workshop attendees, resulting in a total of more than 2,000 ideas.

Some of the top themes gathered from this input include:

  • Preserve & Enhance Lakeside’s Character
  • Improve the Waterfront
  • Improve & Expand Facilities
  • Upgrade the Guest Experience
  • Simplify & Clarify Circulation

As MKSK and Lakeside work towards these identified themes, there will be a set of seven Planning Principles to guide them towards the specific tasks it will take to accomplish the common vision. The Lakeside Chautauqua Master Plan will:

  • Reflect the Four Chautauqua Pillars
  • Protect & Preserve the Character of Lakeside
  • Support Lake Erie as the Cornerstone of Lakeside
  • Consider the Future Needs of All Lakesiders
  • Help Us Prioritize
  • Be Visionary
  • Be a Starting Point

Together, these themes and principles are beginning to guide the creation of ideas for Lakeside’s Master Plan.

Please note that the ideas and possibilities listed below and in the online presentation are only ideas and concepts and not concrete plans for Lakeside. We encourage your continued feedback at

Entrance & Welcome Center

In order to enhance the visibility of Lakeside in the community and to those passing by on Route 163, there may be a need to improve the external, visible appeal of Lakeside. This may include a more functional and comprehensive Welcome Center, more attractive and eye-catching signage, formal fencing and landscaping on the south end of the Campground, improved parking, a new space for the Lakeside Heritage Hall Museum & Archives and a consolidated maintenance area.

Cultural Arts Campus

The old Lakeside Schoolhouse holds a great deal of potential for future programming space, and could even be considered as a future hub for a Cultural Arts Campus. With upgrades, renovations and additions to the existing structure, the Schoolhouse could provide space for art classes, exhibitions, outdoor concerts, more outdoor social space and walkways.

Education & Religious Life Campus

A fond memory for many Lakesiders old and young is attending a youth camp or ministry outing at Lakeside. To ensure that Lakeside can continue to attract youth groups, significant renovations may need to be made to the existing group housing facilities. Wo-Ho-Mis and South Auditorium, with improvements and upgrades, can continue to be spaces for visiting groups to reside and entertain in. Additionally, thought may be given to the Rhein Center. Every summer Lakesiders of all ages flock to participate in a wide variety of arts classes, and the services may have outgrown the space.

Grindley Aquatic & Wellness Campus

The grand opening of the Grindley Aquatic & Wellness Campus made 2017 a milestone summer for Lakeside. While the space is new and well-used, Lakeside has considered plans for expanding both the Grindley Campus, as well as the Williams Tennis Campus. This may include new courts for pickleball and/or tennis, the reuse of surrounding buildings (maintenance, group housing, etc.) and better connectivity for pool users (circulation plan for shuttles).

Business District

Lakeside’s Business District is a key part of the “step back in time” feeling people get when they enjoy Lakeside. In the four central blocks that make up the downtown area, there is potential for additional retail and restaurant options, improved Lakeside office space and expansions or renovations to the Fountain Inn and the Hotel Lakeside. Considerations may also be taken to provide clearer and safer circulation for vehicles, shuttles and pedestrians. This may include wider sidewalks, more organized parking or more pedestrian-only zones.


Lake Erie and Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile already exist as key attractions in Lakeside. In addition to the existing dock, sailing center, beach area and walking path, MKSK  sees potential in the area both aesthetically and functionally. Possibilities include enhanced use of the Pavilion, an improvement of waterfront views and accessibility, additional waterfront activities, an extended beach area and better water flow near the dock.

We thank everyone who has provided input to the Master Planning process thus far. As Lakeside and MKSK continue to develop ideas, we encourage you to stay up to date and involved by visiting There, you can find questionnaires and other interactive elements that will allow you to have a hand in creating a sustainable and enjoyable Lakeside for generations to come.