Sow Some Lakeside Chautauqua Love

Posted on March 18, 2017

Give a gift of $25 or more to the Lakeside Fund in March, and we'll send you a Lakeside bookmark with an herb seed packet as a token of our appreciation. Plant the heart-shaped packet, filled with basil, chives or parsley, in your garden and watch your Lakeside love grow.

Just as your gift allows Lakeside to thrive and grow, the sown heart will bring you and your kitchen any combination of three herb varieties.

Then, use the Lakeside bookmark to mark a page in your favorite book. Each time you return to your book, delight in the surprise of being momentarily transported to a special memory of Lakeside, which you have so generously supported with your gifts.

Help make those Lakeside memories available to more families and future generations. Give online today!

Give a gift online today, or make a donation by phone at (419) 798-4461, ext. 246 or by mail. Checks can be made payable to the Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation, 236 Walnut Ave., Lakeside, Ohio 43440.

For more information about giving a special gift, contact

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