April Storm Slams Lakeside Shoreline

Posted on April 15, 2018

Heavy rain and high-powered winds pounded the shoreline of Lakeside and the rest of the Marblehead Peninsula over the weekend.

Lakeshore Flood Warnings for Ottawa County were in effect until Sunday afternoon. As six-foot waves rolled in, the National Weather Service reported that water levels rose three to eight feet above average throughout the area.

The Dock was not only beaten with waves, but was completely submerged for most of Saturday and Sunday. Lakeside's small beach area has been completely washed away and we experienced further damage to our western shoreline, already battered from an earlier Nor'easter storm. The Children's Pool & Splash Park remained under water most of Saturday. By Sunday, sustained wind and waves moved benches with ease and ripped off a fence section allowing logs and basketball-sized rocks to tumble across the surface.   
As many of us have been anxiously awaiting the warmer spring weather, it is disheartening to see a storm like this cause damage to so much of the area. Although this is not unprecedented, it is rare. Many long-time Lakesiders have shared that they haven't seen a storm of this capacity in more than 20 years.

Lakeside Security monitored the storm and worked to ensure people did not venture out onto the dock or near the water. Lakeside's COO/CFO Dan Dudley was out on Sunday to assess the damage, a job that will continue into the rest of the week. Clean up work will begin immediately.   
Since the lakefront is one of the focus areas in the Master Plan, Lakeside will immediately assess the damage and determine what must be done now to replace, repair and fortify our western shoreline, working with federal and state officials. These efforts are in keeping with Lakeside's strategic plan and master plan draft. Staff will be working with the Lakeside Chautauqua board to develop an action plan to address this priority situation.

Bay Point Resort experienced flooding, and Bayshore Road was closed on the eastern end of the peninsula because of the large amounts of heavy debris that had been washed up by the waves.

Marblehead's East Main Street, near Lake Point Park, is also closed due to the debris. Catawba Island, Put-in-Bay and areas of Port Clinton also experienced significant flooding with road closures. 

Although we are anticipating a long and extensive repair process, we are thankful that nobody in Lakeside was injured and that the damage was contained to the shoreline, and we are also praying for families and businesses in the area who may be heavily affected by these recent storms.