Memorial Garden Entryway Concludes Phase III

Posted on June 13, 2018

On May 27, a celebration and prayer service was held to recognize the generous gifts that provided the new entryway to the Memorial Garden at Chautauqua Park, as well as to remember the loved ones who have been laid to rest in the garden.

Lakeside would like to especially recognize a donor whose legacy provided a noticeable additions to the Memorial Garden: Mrs. Kathryn Sanders Rieder.

Rieder had been a Lakesider for nearly a century, first coming when she was 13 years old and visiting as much as she could until she passed away at the age of 108. She had a fruitful career in music education, publishing more than 550 articles, songs and stories, which have appeared in 100 different magazines and translated to multiple languages. Rieder’s passion for music and education made her fall in love with Lakeside; she enjoyed the arts and the children.

Throughout her life, Rieder’s gifts toward Lakeside reflected this love. She was a faithful and generous donor. Two years ago, Lakeside received a call about a legacy gift that Rieder had planned. This legacy gift was used to construct the entry pergola to the Memorial Garden.

While small improvements and additions to the garden will continue into the future, the pergola stands to remind us that the sacred, tranquil essence of the garden will remain steadfast.

All of the improvements made to the Memorial Garden during this final phase have accentuated the beauty and divinity of the space. The pergola is the most obvious sign, the most concrete symbol, that the garden has reached a state of completion. The white structure is a flag of peace, a resting dove, that kindly welcomes those who enter the garden.

Lakeside is extremely grateful to everyone who has helped the Memorial Garden reach this level of beauty and refinement. We encourage anyone seeking a serene location to go for a walk, read a book or simply reflect, to visit.

For more information about the garden, or to support this special place, contact the Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation at (419) 798-4461, ext. 246 or