Bluebird Café to be Featured on Fox 8 "New Day Cleveland"

Posted on March 20, 2019

After just two years, the owners of Bluebird Café, Jen and Ben Linville, are feeling accomplished in their goal of becoming a Lakeside dining staple that offers whole foods for the whole family.

The couple opened their waterfront restaurant Memorial Day weekend of 2017.

“We have just been amazed at the response of the community,” said Jen. “The first year, our business grew beyond our expectations. The second year, we saw an increase from repeat customers. It’s been so nice to see familiar faces and to know that people are excited to come back.”

During their first summer in business, a customer came nearly every day to order a Noonday Sun Smoothie, their most popular menu item, described as a tropical smoothie with pineapples, mangoes, bananas, orange juice and coconut milk. Once Bluebird Café reopened its doors in 2018, that same customer walked in and declared, “I’m here for my Noonday Sun!”

Nearly every item on the menu is in high-demand, including a variety of fresh salads, unique sandwiches, boxed lunches, delicious smoothies and sweet treats. The Linvilles strive to bring gourmet food to Lakesiders by sourcing ingredients locally, choosing products that meet their non-GMO, au-natural, high standards, and making sure their serving ware is either reusable or recyclable.

“It’s been so neat to see that the kind of food we’re offering is attracting people to Lakeside,” she said. “After Cleveland Fox 8’s ‘New Day’ segment aired last summer, we saw a lot of customers from outside of Lakeside visiting with the complimentary Dining Pass just to try our food. Another man stopped by on his way to Chicago because he saw our food featured in Lake Erie Living magazine.”

Jen and Ben continue to evolve their menu with slight changes and improvements. In 2017, they purchased all their bread from Healthy Bakes. After Healthy Bakes stopped selling commercially, the Linvilles began to make their own bread from scratch every day, which in addition to providing the freshest product possible, has allowed them to offer Lakesiders a larger and more filling Panini.

Looking to 2019, Jen plans to offer only vegan frozen yogurt and is possibly considering homemade, gluten-free bread.

“It will only be our third season, so we’re still working on growing and improving with what we already have,” she said. “But our customers can absolutely look forward to a continually improving dining experience.”

On Friday, April 12, Jen's live cooking segment aired with Fox 8 "New Day Cleveland." She shared a delicious recipe and talked about the café and Lakeside. To watch the segment, visit