Infrastructure Study Proposed as Next Step

Posted on March 28, 2019

Throughout the Master Planning process, the community expressed concern about Lakeside’s overall infrastructure, most notably the streets and storm water system.

Improving Lakeside's infrastructure is a complex, long-term and significant project. Laying out an infrastructure plan:

  • Outlines the scope of the projects and plans for the future
  • Determines a realistic phasing of projects
  • Calculates the cost
  • Gathers feedback from the community on project ideas

One should note that this type of detailed planning will need to take place for each Master Plan initiative.

At the February Board meeting, the Board reviewed a proposed study process and timeline:


  • Aerial survey of Lakeside (entire site – 210 acres)
  • Topographical survey of a 3-street corridor (32 acres) involving multiple street types (residential, downtown, program areas, etc.)
  • Video inspection of sewers
  • Some geotechnical engineering
  • Preliminary engineering (streets, storm water, etc.)

In addition to the study components, Lakeside will hire a Senior Vice President of Municipal Services to manage the study as part of overall responsibility for municipal service functions. The funding for this position will be partly covered by the funding for the study project, with the remainder being covered by the operating budget.


  • Summary report of existing conditions, proposed improvements, alternatives and recommendations
  • Plan and profile sheets
  • Public and private utilities disposition, including relocation and/or burial
  • Lighting layouts and fixture selections
  • Typical street sections and materials
  • Typical intersection plans
  • On-street parking configurations, curbs and crosswalks
  • Major and typical traffic sign locations
  • Phased construction recommendations including budget costs

The Board reviewed a timeline of the study. Preliminary work with the aerial survey and hiring of the Senior Vice President of Municipal Services will begin this month. The aerial survey must be conducted before the trees of Lakeside grow leaves this spring. The remaining survey and engineering work will be completed in the fall and winter of 2019-2020.

The estimated cost of the study will be more than $500,000. The Board discussed including preliminary engineering plans into the study, which could raise the cost. The study will be funded through a one-time assessment increase. For some Lakeside homeowners, this assessment increase will be partially offset by a reduction in Ottawa County assessments as the regional water special assessment will be eliminated in January 2020. That assessment was instituted when Lakeside streets were paved or repaved as part of a transition to a regional water supply managed by Ottawa County.

Phased Improvement Plan
The results of the study will be an infrastructure improvement plan with phased construction and a long-term funding strategy. This phased improvement plan and funding plan would be presented to the community during the summer of 2020, with plans being finalized after we receive feedback from the community.

If you have questions or comments about the Infrastructure Study, please complete an Infrastructure Study Comment Card.