New this Summer at Lakeside: Barcodes & Ticket Scanning

Posted on March 28, 2019

Barcode scanning isn’t a new concept, and there’s a good chance you’ve scanned one within the past few days. From grocery store items to concert tickets, you see barcodes at just about every transaction. However, barcodes and ticket scanning are new to Lakeside and will be implemented this summer.

A unique barcode and number will be printed on each Chautauqua Pass (even Season Chautauqua Passes). Starting Memorial Day weekend and continuing through the summer, every guest (adult, youth, child - age 4 & older, season pass holder and employee) will be required to hand their Chautauqua Pass to the Gate Attendant to have their barcoded pass scanned when entering and exiting the gates.

The reason passes must be scanned when exiting is because we have Chautauqua Passes for different lengths of stay – Partial Day, Daily, Friday, Saturday, Weekly and Season.

When the pass is scanned upon exiting, the status of the pass is changed to “off the grounds.” When the pass is scanned upon entry, the status of the pass is changed to “on the grounds.” A pass used for entry, that has an “on the grounds” status will be invalid for entry, since it has already been used for entry. Thus, it will be very important to have your pass scanned upon exit, as that is what makes the pass valid for entry back into Lakeside.

To help facilitate the transition to Lakeside’s new barcoding process, we've provided helpful tips for a smooth arrival and departure:

  • Guests are encouraged to purchase their Chautauqua Passes online prior to arrival. Visit to view admission and parking fees and to purchase passes. There are two ways to receive your passes: by mail or Will Call pick up. For the mail option, your passes will take 14 days to arrive at your home. For the Will Call option, you can pick up passes at the Welcome Center (near the Route 163/South Gate parking lot) upon arrival. Please note that you can’t print online passes from home. As always, purchasing passes at the gates upon arrival is still available; however, purchase transactions at the gates take an average of seven minutes, congesting traffic.

  • Each guest (adult, youth, child - age 4 & older, season pass holder and employee) must remember to carry their Chautauqua Pass when entering and exiting the gates, even for a short trip to purchase milk at Erie Beach Market or to take a walk to Marblehead. Wear a lanyard so that your pass is always available for scanning.
  • As you approach the gates, please have your Chautauqua Passes ready to hand to the gate attendant to scan upon entering or exiting the gates. Don’t wait until you’re at the gate to fumble in your purse or hunt through your car to find your pass. This is important to keep traffic flowing.
  • A picture of your Daily, Friday, Saturday or Season Chautauqua Pass on your smartphone or tablet will not scan at the gates and will not be permitted. A valid Chautauqua Pass must be handed to the gate attendant for scanning.

This summer, Lakeside will increase staffing at the gates to keep the entry and exit processes flowing. In the off-season, Wi-Fi capabilities were added to all gate houses and the scanning equipment was purchased. The scanners also have cellular data connection as a backup protocol so they can still function even if Wi-Fi goes down or power outages occur. Lakeside staff has been testing the equipment and finalizing the new gate processes as we roll into spring.

All gate attendants will receive additional training for this new technology and revised process at the gates. In order to assist guests whose pass has become damaged or out of sync, the gate attendants will have the capability to check pass validity in other ways and review the history of a pass, including the purchase of the pass and details of each entry and exit.

We’re implementing barcode scanning to better track entrance and exit activity (by gate, time of day, etc.). This will help us to more accurately staff the gates. Barcodes will track validity of Chautauqua Passes, identifying duplicate or fake passes or multiple attempts to enter with the same pass. The scanning will also provide information about who came in (and who didn’t).

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